Posted by: anniewilson | February 20, 2009

More of that guy

OK…at the risk of possibly looking really foolish, I’m going to tell you guys more about Craigslist dude. He came over last night to watch a movie with me. As soon as he got here he said, “I have to talk to you about something.”

I hate not knowing something so I was all, “What? Tell me! Now I have to know!” He almost changed his mind but I bugged him until he spat it out. He said that he was talking about me yesterday and he didn’t know how to refer to me…meaning he didn’t know if he should call me a “girlfriend”.

I knew what that meant and being who I am, I quickly made a joke about it and changed the subject. That’s what I do when things get uncomfortable for me and that sort of made me uncomfortable. Then, I started the movie.

I sat there watching the movie, half assed. Mostly I was thinking about what the guy said. Almost immediately, I put up my usual wall and felt like I needed to slam on the brakes. Then I thought to myself, “This is the same guy that I enjoyed so much the night before…I shouldn’t shut down simply because he likes me.” I don’t want to brake any of my rules but what am I supposed to do now?

Later he asked me a question about how I felt and I couldn’t possibly tell him because I don’t jump into discussions about feelings within a week of meeting someone. I may HAVE feelings…but I’m not about to mention them. So, I blurted out the only thing that I could have blurted out…I said, “I’ve really only known you for one day so it’s hard to say.” That pretty much put a stop to any further relationship discussion.

For a moment I considered leaving the state but then I started thinking about the fact that he IS a nice guy and he hasn’t even had a chance to change the furnace filter so maybe I should ride this one out. If the worst thing that I can say about him is that he’s moving too fast, maybe I can just maintain my own speed and see what happens.

One thing is for sure…he does like me. A lot. He keeps telling me that. Oh…another thing is for sure too, I will do everything that I can possibly do to hide this blog from him. I prefer being able to be honest about my feelings here. I can’t do that when I’m worried about someone reading it.

For example, if he knew about this, I couldn’t discuss sex at all. Not that there’s anything to discuss so far, we haven’t done anything besides kiss. We haven’t even made out…just a kiss here or there. But even telling you that I HAVEN’T done anything is sort of like talking about sex anyway. Maybe he wants people to think that we have…who knows what goes on in men’s heads?

I’m busting one of my most important rules all to pieces with this dude. I met him in person for the first time the night before last. Then, last night he came over to watch that movie and our original date was for tonight. We weren’t supposed to meet until tonight…the other two meetings were unexpected. Last week he asked me to go to a Scottish dancing thing with him. Apparently, that’s what he does for fun. I can’t really find fault with that but for some reason, it makes me want to snicker. You know what? I’ll see if he has a camera in his cell phone and if he does, I’ll let him take a picture of me looking stupid in public and then I’ll post it here. I’ve never Scottish danced in my life. I even went to Scotland…but I don’t recall seeing anyone dance. Anyway, seeing a guy 3 nights in a row is like the dreaded “date that never ends” and I can’t do that and this is frighteningly close.

But he did bring me a tiger that makes a neat purring sound when you squeeze it. I guess he’s one of those sensitive types who like to give a lot of stuffed animals. That’s a fault that I can work with…in 6 months I’ll have him shopping at jewelry stores.

He seems to have the basics…honesty, decency and a lot of tools. Yeah, I think I’ll investigate this guy further. All I really need to know is if he is what he appears to be. If he is, I can work with all of the minor faults. I don’t mind molding a guy into a custom fit. But as my nit wit ex husband proved to me, a dishonest bastard CANNOT be turned into an honest man.

I do have some serious motivation for wanting this to work out. First of all, I really, really do have a bunch of man work to be done around here and I’m willing to not sleep with this guy long enough to get that taken care of. Secondly, I like having a guy around who doesn’t smell and he is quite well groomed. And lastly, I have a burning desire to be able to introduce him as “The guy I found on Craigslist.”



  1. Congrats on your new stalker. He will make a lovely pet. (Well, until you are ready to kill him due to his non-stop clinging).

    Stuffed animals and Scottish dancing? Total keeper!

  2. LOLOLOL…seriously though, I can’t call him a stalker yet. Does he show all the signs? Yesireebob. But there are a shitload of pine needles that need raking up out in my yard. And, I’ve been planning to move to Los Angeles anyway.

    : )

  3. Oh…I didn’t realize the pine needles were such an issue. I hate them.

    I guess it’s worth some bodily damage but only if he does a really, really good job.

  4. Duh…that goes without saying.

  5. You’re really looking for an “ammo bitch” aren’t you? If you don’t know what that phrase means don’t get your 2 square inches of thong in a bunch. It can be a woman or a man, but usually a man. You can’t stand them, but you need them around. I know that feeling too well.
    Craigslist…shit, can you find real men and women there, or just pediphiles and offcasts from the Leper colony? If I can discover who you are I’m only going to get a dollar? Hell I make more than that panhandling.
    Well it’s off to craigslist to meet my destiny…what chick can resist an incorrigibly self destructive, manic depressive who looks like a cross between Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot, and Joe Namath. :>)
    Good luck with the ammo bitch.

  6. LOLOL, nope, I don’t know the term but I certainly can guess what it means. Don’t worry, I’m not self destructive enough to do get one of those but I was bored enough to think that Craigslist might even be an option. I’m better now.

    Who told you about the Sam Elliot thing?

    : )

  7. People are always telling me I look Like “someone” I guess Sam Elliot is because of the mustache, but the only people I really look like are my cousin and my Dad, except I’m 5 inches taller than my Dad.

    Wow Craigslist does have personals, and hookers too…well…escorts. Take in or take out. Where have I been??? All this time I’ve just been looking for cars and motorcycles. What a dummie I am.


  8. Uh, I wouldn’t suggest it as a viable alternative to your local dive.

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