Posted by: anniewilson | March 2, 2009

A new man…should I grab him or keep the old one?

I’m in negotiations for a new main squeeze. The guy who currently holds the honor has done nothing wrong at all, it’s just that I’ve had an offer that is very difficult to refuse. But, after keeping the same guy around for four years…I should certainly make this decision with serious thought and consideration.

Fore years IS a long time. I absolutely adore my current living male body, but the new applicant is coming on rather strong and he just may overtake the other guy. I really, really have to think about this.

Luckily, there is no deadline, I can take a while to make this decision. And OMG!…I would hate to find out I had made the wrong decision. That would be soooooo fricking annoying. You know, that thought in itself is a pretty good argument to keep my current fuckbuddy.

But, the guy who interviewed yesterday made some damn good points. His business isn’t as taxing and it’s actually HIS business. He would be around a lot more. Also, he’s in the publishing business and that could be good for a writer chick. He’s bright, witty and once again, just as cute as a button.

The two of them have a LOT in common, they’re even the exact same age which is well over a decade younger than I. But what if they don’t have that love for cunnilingus in common? I can’t take a chance of bringing a guy in who has that, “If you can’t fry it, I won’t eat it!” attitude. Oh no…that wouldn’t work at allllllllll! Obviously a second interview is in order.

Oh…I could always keep the old one during the new guy’s probationary period…but that would mean an overlap in men and I don’t do that. My ex-husband was good at sleeping with whatever pussy was easiest to get into, and it never mattered where that thing had been or whether or not he had a condom, a wife or syphilis. (It’s amazing…the further I get from my marriage, the more disgusting I find my ex husband. Too bad I didn’t see this crap in the 80’s.) Anyway, I don’t do that. I have never slept with more than one guy at a time and I don’t mean that I never had a manage a trois, I mean that I never sleep with anyone other than the person that I have appointed my official penis. Oh, AND I’ve never done the menage a trois thing either, by the way. (Unless you count a birthday present that I gave my ex one year…the third person was a chick so I don’t know if that counts. RICK has had a menage a trois, but technically, I don’t think I have.)

Well, as I said, there isn’t a deadline and I do have a while to figure this one out. I SO wish I could put up pictures and bios so that you guys could help me decide but I can’t do that. Both of these guys are far too valuable to me…whether I sleep with them or not.

Oh well…one way or another, I ABSOLUTELY want this guy on my staff in one capacity or another.


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