Posted by: anniewilson | March 2, 2009

Nancy Grace is WORSE than I thought!

I know that Nancy Grace is an asshole. You can’t be exposed to her for any longer that 5 minutes without picking up on that fact. But, until recently, I had no idea exactly how unethical and devious she really is.

For instance, I had no idea that she, according to her own statements, “cannot practice law in any of the 50 states.” That’s tough to accomplish. To avoid an official revocation of her law license, she had to sign an agreement to NEVER pratice law in this country again…anywhere…forever.

Also, I’ve heard the woman claim to be a “victim” of crime but I never knew that after the murder of her “fiance”, she “embellished the story” and even went so far as to publish a book containing the following “untruths”:

1. Her fiance, Keith Griffin, was shot not at random by a stranger but by a former coworker, Tommy McCoy.
2. McCoy did not have a prior criminal record and, rather than denying the crime, McCoy confessed the night of the murder.
3.The jury deliberated for a few hours, not days.
4. There was no ongoing string of appeals (McCoy’s family did not want any). McCoy has only once filed a habeas petition, which was rejected.

You know, misrepresenting facts is MORE than enough to risk the wrath of the helmet headed, self appointed Judge of Everyone. Her major jumps to conclusions have seen her accusing the subsequently proven innocent Duke Lacrosse students. False allegations of rape made against the innocent students evoked this line from the hypocritical Grace, “Why would you go to a cop in an alleged gang rape case, say, and lie and give misleading information?” You tell me Nancy, that seems to be YOUR purview.

Little Miss Nasty also seems to immediately discredit anyone with a differing point of view, especially if they have a history of questionable ethics and/or a history of or any use of, drugs or alcohol. This from who actually IS:

“…a drug and alcohol addict? Answer is, according to Nancy herself, yes on both counts. But, she says, like Glen Beck who also struggles with addiction problems, at least she is aware of it and continues to resource her treatment options to facilitate some positive progression in her treatment plans. You do know that Nancy fell down on CNN property while she was reportedly pregnant due to reported appearances of drunkenness resulting in two or three fractures she sustained from her drunken stumbling. Nancy said she prefers the Promises rehab facility the best because of it’s accommodations. It appears that CNN has also stopped Nancy from drinking while on the set as a result of those many falls, and there is even a clip on this site of Nancy opening up some of her Budlights on the air. Also verifiable is the issues of what type of drug is Nancy continuing to ingest, and it is suspected that Nancy just overdoses (almost routinely) on prescription medications that Nancy says she has to remain on for the rest of her life. Another good reason to keep her out of Law and to keep those twins away from her as much as possible…”

And I thought she was just a regular old asshole.

I could list endless accusations against this dreadful human being, but I would be afraid that I might start to sound like her. And I have a sense of humor…apparently Nasty has none:



  1. Agreed, she is the lowest of the low. However, if her show is anywhere near as funny as the YouTube clip you posted, she has a new viewer. Now THAT was funny!

  2. I think of her as the female? version of Chris Mathews…rude, loud and inept.

  3. The show is nowhere near as funny as that clip…unless you smoke weed and giggle.

    She is absolutely RUDE…and now I know she’s unethical too!

  4. I have no real issue with the woman; to all of you who cannot stand her, turn it off. My only problem when I tune in, that being for a short time since I cannot tolerate more than a few minutes, is her rudeness. I think it’s gross and embarrassing. Geez, allow your guests to speak and allow them their viewpoint even if it doesn’t line up with your own. Nancy, if you love books so much, why don’t you get one on basic manners 101 and instead of throwing it, READ IT.

  5. LOLOL, I agree completely. I don’t watch the show, I’m too embarrassed for her. I watched it a couple of times and was so stunned that I had to find out more about that nut.

    Maybe for her birthday we should send her a copy of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

  6. Turning off the cjannel from a Nancy Grace shoew does nothing to help improve the actual damage that Nancy does to real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime herself, she remains clue-less and likely still just a drunken pill popper. 🙂

  7. No death penalty against Casey. Whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Nancy Grace has already said that Casey would be facing the death penalty. Could the courts have screwed things up, or is it just that Nancy is all screwed up and is proven to be wrong yet again? Hummmmm, good question, read the CNN transcripts. The prosecution case continues to crumble. How sad. 😦

  8. Oh yeah…and Nasty alone should be reason for an acquittal!

    I had no clue what a louse she was!

  9. Shocking News! Breaking Developments! Blockbuster Video! Are these tabloid headlines? No, these are the kind of headings you will see splashed across your TV screen if you watch Nancy Grace perform her dog and pony show. I have never witnessed such a rude, arrogant, self important bitch in my life, and I’m 51! She has taken the premise of a program which was to inform on legal issues and turned it into the worse kind of tabloid journalism. Is Casey Anthony guilty? Most likely yes based on the evidence. Can she get a fair trial with an impartial jury? Not if Nancy Grace has anything to do with it. I have to say I also don’t understand why any of her so called experts would put themselves through her rude grilling, they aren’t on trial bitch! And what the hell is with these window lickers who call to fawn all over her? What QVC wouldn’t take your calls anymore? Get a life! Nancy Disgrace, you suck! And keep those little snot nosed fetal alcohol syndrome brats off the air you narcissistic, self promoting news whore !

  10. Here’s the sentence Casey is likely to get according to the experts just yesterday. Casey will likely get her freedom back as she is now sson-to-be-released from custody. Too bad the prosecution screwed this up. But, it is hard to get a conviction against a victim of a crime.

  11. Where did you hear that? I haven’t. But then again, I’ve been working all hours for the past few days!

  12. From the most-recent attorney just appointed to the defense team for Casey. Once he gets before the Judge and jurors, looks like it will be smooth-sailing for the defencse, especially since of all the improprities of the prosecution side, like those eith police officers and jail staff admitted to all of them “sleeping” with Casey during this active police investigation. 🙂

  13. OMG! I HAVE to check that out! Do you know the attorney’s name or anyone who would know about this? If I can get a source, I’ll splash it ALL OVER!!!

  14. Can’t recall his name right now, I know he is not the lead attorney, but he has given several video interviews and I just saw one on-line. Awesome interview too, especially for those that think it’s a slam dunk case, because it surely will be not. 🙂

  15. Here is a clip from that attorney-interview. (I hope this works)

  16. Unless you understand Nancy’s admitted alcohol and pill-popping dilema’s, there is no way to comprehend Nancy Grace, or the abuse she says she committed against her son.

  17. The link worked but it didn’t refer to the cops sleeping with her. Any lawyer would say what that guy said, no matter how stupid it sounded.

  18. It is clear that Nancy may be ready for another in-patient rehab stay once again, the facts of the case are confusing her and making her extremely aggitated again. Hope no more victims lose their life again. 😦

  19. She is STUNNINGLY messed up. I don’t know if it’s drugs or if her parents were cousins but something is wrong with that chick for sure!

  20. Nancy Grace is the definition of interference in an active police investigation.

  21. I’m not a cop but common sense would suggest that you are right. At the VERY LEAST, she’s should be charged with jury tampering.

  22. I agree with you anniewilson 100%. And, CNN should be required to run a banner on her show indicating how many state and federal lawsuits she is the defendant of and guests on her show should continually question her as to the details regarding why people are dead right now allegedly because of her documented misconduct.

  23. You know Mich, it’s amazing that they don’t. She’s more of a liability in the long run than she is an asset in the short run.

    Every so often as I channel surf, I stop at her train wreck for a moment. She never fails to offend. The way she treated Haliegh Cummings’ mother was despicable. And then, she kisses the father’s ass. I’m appalled.

  24. A good analogy annie, a “train wreck” of a show, for sure! 🙂



  26. I have often wondered, especially lately, if you could hypothetically lock Nancy Grace up in prison (where she belongs) with her having no access to contact anyone, if that might help to lower the numbers of crimes perpetrated against children nationwide. Nancy truly is a danger to children and non-convicted defendants, she has already hurt both groups. She has lawsuits pending against her for her documented un-professional conduct in both state and federal courts right now (again), and Nancy even made admission to tossing her baby-son off the bed and onto the floor head-first which did require hospital intervention. While it appears to be another of her intoxicated moments, it is still a crime. Nancy Grace is a Predator in every sense of the term. How much time will pass before Nancy helps to end the life of another victim? It almost happened when she verbally-battered George Anthony to the brink of suicide recently. And, don’t forget the two Virginia Tech students that committed suicide after Nancy interviewed them on-site at the campus, or that guy in Texas that also had a medical issue that resulted in his death after Nancy verbally-attacked him. The list goes on and on. Nancy Grace is the definition of a Predator. And, she will be an intracole part of the Anthony defense teams income after the lawsuits are all resolved against this Predator.

  27. It’s funny that those twins that Nancy Grace talks about so much are not even any relation to Nancy’s actual husband she was forced to marry after Nancy helped to end the life of Melinda Duckett. And, neither of twin-kids actually has the same father. It’s a long story, but Nancy is still not allowed, by court-order, to be alone with either of those twin kids while unsupervised (due in-part to her documented alcoholism problems).When I see the pictures of those kids, I see tell-tale signs of abuse and fear in their eyes. Many experts have long predicted that both of those twins will attempt to run away from home as soon as they can reach the doorknobs. Nancy has even admitted to abusing the little boy-tot when she threw him off the bed and onto the hardwood floor onto his head, which was so severe, it required hospital intervention. But, enough about Nancy’s documented alcoholism and drug-addiction problems, she is a menace to society and a Predator against real victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime in her life, she remains clue-less to the damage she continues to impart upon real victims of crimes.

  28. Well, Nancy Grace was proven to be wrong again today on the Phil Spector case too. Spector was convicted of second degree murder, unlike the frivolous and wrongful claims by Predator Grace.

  29. Cool! I’ve been so busy I hadn’t heard that but I can’t wait to see how she spins it, if she tries at all.

  30. According to many experts, the change in the death penalty is not because the evidence has changed, but is a means of attempting to get a plea from Casey. The experts are still not wavering in their conclusion that a conviction of first degree murder against Casey Anthony is still highly unlikely. After reviewing the evidence in this case released to the public, I agree, based upon the evidence, extremely unlikely.

  31. That chick won’t admit to anything. Let her fry.

  32. But if you were to referring to Casey Anthony as the one who should fry, there are many people out there that believe that she will never admit to anything. Yet they are usually the same people that say anything Casey says is a lie. That is the classic hypocritical-stance. The “tell us why, then you are a liar”. Can’t win for losing trying to help educate those types to the facts. Now, if you were referring to Nancy Grace being a liar, that I can readily understand because that is proven to be an accurate statement on almost every airing of her show, if you compare to what she says and to what the actual facts are. 🙂

  33. Stop victimizing victims Nancy Grace, and stop helping to lose the life of non-convicted victims again. You belong in prison for the crimes you have done, and get those twin kids away from your drunkenness and your pill-popping. Maybe you should tell the viewers on every show that you are under state and federal lawsuits again for your role in assisting to end the life of a mother of a missing child, and while you’re at it, mention that those twins do not have the same father and neither twin is biologically related to your husband. Try being truthful for a change.

  34. Nancy Grace loses another Court motion Jan.27th.

    A Judge ruled against Nancy Grace in her attempt to ban cameras in her Thursday Jan.28th deposition, and that her deposition is to be recorded, contrary to Grace‘s legal request.

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