Posted by: anniewilson | March 6, 2009

A Day on the Set of Get Low

The only reason that I have the time to write this is that my ride is ever so late. I’m on my way (almost!) to the set again. Yesterday I got to meet Gerald McRainey, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall. As you might imagine, I go rather Lucy Ricardo on some actors and those were all good ones.

Also, they were ALL extremely nice. Robert Duvall couldn’t have been more pleasant and Sissy Spacek was a doll, even going so far as to straighten out my pearls for me. Gerald McRainey was also a sweetheart, letting me get a GOOD picture with him. (My camera is broken so I depended upon the kindness of strangers…I hope at least one or two of them DO send me the pictures they promised to send. I’ll post them here, of course.) Bill Murray was also quite patient and he actually teased me. I fell for his lame joke…he placed me directly in the sun and I’ve never been placed by a principle before. I didn’t know if I should listen to Bill Murray or do what I had been told earlier. I listened to Bill. I was wrong. Bill was laughing and I looked like an idiot. But it’s all good, I’ve been made to look far more idiotic by far lesser people.

I do have autographs for Sally, Robert and Bill. When I have time, I’ll take pics of them with my web cam and post them.

The movie is called Get Low and right now they’re filming in Dallas, about 25 miles away from here but it’s out in the boonies so it’s against traffic. But, we were supposed to be there by 5 and the guy who’s picking me up is a young kid and I should have considered the possibility that he would oversleep. Duh. There haven’t been young adults in my house for a long time. I forgot how much they sleep. We didn’t get out of there until 9:30 last night and I didn’t even want to look at the time when I got home…I didn’t want to know how little sleep I was getting. I had one alarm set for 2:40 AM and the other was set for 3. I hit the snooze a few times, it was brutal after so little sleep. But, here I go again!

This should be my last day of this shoot.

Have a good day!



  1. Interesting stuff. I have worked as an extra too. However, they always tell us never to ask the stars for an autograph.

  2. Ordinarily, that’s true. But along with the professional extras, they had hundreds of volunteers. Wednesday was the day that the volunters were there so the stars did sign autographs. They also held raffles and one of the prizes was a script with ALL the stars autographs. Did I remember to say that Gerald McRainey was also in the movie? I didn’t get his autograph…too bad, he was the nicest star there. When I’m not so tired, I’ll post the autographs.

  3. So, why not put the move on one of these handsome fellas instead of waiting for the next Mr. Craigslist to come along?

  4. I gave up on Craigslist dudes and if I saw the first hint that I should be flirting with Bill Murray, I’d jump all over it…worry not.

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