Posted by: anniewilson | March 9, 2009

My apologies to the Get Low crew dude.

Maybe I should have stuck with Redneck Dude.

It appears as though the answer to the question, “Why can’t I find a boyfriend?” has finally been answered. I am a total flake.

I’m not a malicious flake, I’m just a nit wit. But I find myself being judged rather harshly by those upon whom I snow. Actually, it’s nice that they give me that much credit, but the stupid stuff that I do is rarely premeditated. I just don’t have the capacity to plan evil schemes. If I did, I’d be up there with Bernie Madoff and 50 billion bucks hidden around the world.

But tell that to the guy who was nice enough to give me a ride home from the set.

I’ve been running into this dude occasionally and we’ve had an ongoing flirtation for quite some time now. The ride home was a cool thing, it would be the first time that we would be together outside of a movie set. Who knows where that could have lead?

I’ve ensured that it will lead to nothing but grimaces aimed at me the next time that I see the man. First, as I got out of his car in a giddy and flirty mood (yes, that is newspeak for FLAKY), I robbed the man. Yep, I didn’t know it until the next day when I was doing laundry but I did, I robbed the guy. I found his bandanna in my purse and I don’t know why the hell it was in there.

Then, as if robbing a guy isn’t a good enough tact when trying to blow potential happiness, I realized that I left a small, handheld audio recorder in his car. It must have fallen out of my purse and I don’t even know why I stuck it in there. I didn’t need it, I wasn’t planning any blackmail and I never would have blackmailed this particular guy anyway. But now it looks as though I was trying to secretly record him. Show business people frown upon that sort of thing.

Now, how in the heck am I gonna play that one off? I can sort of explain the theft, but I have no idea how to get past Recorder-Gate.

See…THIS is why.



  1. I don’t think he’ll take that as anything malicious. You need to hang in there and keep trying.

  2. Bandana? Who carries a bandana? Try dating a man who wears a shirt with a button down collar and dress pants, dockers at the very least!, worked for me and my lovely wife!

  3. LOLOLOL, a bald assistant director wears a bandanna. He took it off while he was driving me home. That reminds me, I have to switch loads.

    🙂 wants my money and that can’t be. Ladies should be free.

    Oh, I guess we won’t be eating grits together anytime soon.


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