Posted by: anniewilson | March 16, 2009


The night before my husband left me for a whore, he was sure to placate me one last time by screwing me. He wanted to shut me up and have me fall asleep without any arguing one last time before he took off for good. I call that rape. Perhaps it isn’t rape according to the law, but on one level, I think it was. I certainly FELT raped.

I’ll call it a “mental rape”…how about that? As if there aren’t enough men who would PHYSICALLY rape a woman, there are more than enough who would mentally rape them. My ex is an example. I was his wife and I wanted to make love to him, how could it be rape?

Well, it’s rape if you sleep with a woman under fall pretenses. As I said, the law might not consider this rape, but the feeling of rape is there nonetheless. So, I am going to discuss a “rapist” today. Perhaps he doesn’t reach the level of rape that it takes to convict him of the actual crime, but I think you’ll agree with me…the feeling of being scammed sexually is as much a theft of part of a human being as is a physical rape. My ex did not commit any known crime when he screwed me that night and many before it…but he raped me to be sure. I know what it feels like and THAT FELT LIKE RAPE.

You can usually see a rapist coming. They rarely put out an advertisement and wait for you to come to them. Or do they?

On Craigslist, you can find any number of helpful items. I like Craigslist. I enjoy going there to check out the local casting calls and writing gigs. But what if I were just desperate enough to pay my bills to venture over to the X-Rated “gigs”?

I might find an advertisement for an “adult themed modeling job” that supposedly pays $200 an hour. It’s the answer to an evictee’s dream, isn’t it? At 200 bucks an hour you could easily ward off the landlord for another month and if you’re lucky, you might even get your electric bill paid so that you could continue to cook the food that you picked up at the local food pantry for your children. God knows you can’t do it any other way, and if this “professional” wants to give you a job that would answer all of your prayers, who would need anymore lottery tickets?

For some reason that he doesn’t make clear, this perv is as interested in “discretion” as you are. He promises you that all of the photos will be used in his own “private portfolio” so you needn’t worry about anyone ever seeing your “work”. To make you feel even safer, he has asked you a “standard modeling question”, “What are your limits?” He means that sexually of course, he wants YOU to list everything that you are uncomfortable with. How bad can that be? Oh, in case you are the least unnerved, you can rest assured that he will have another woman in the room with you so it will all “be fine”. All rapists HAVE to take care to choose a “comfortable” victim. Some use booze and some use lies.

There’s a problem here of course, anything too good to be true probably is. There are no “jobs’, adult themed or otherwise. All this rapist is offerring is interviews. And whatever you would do for the hope of that $200 an hour job. But by the time you figure that out, if you even DO figure it out, he is no longer interested in you or the nude pictures that you sent to him, or the sexual narrative you have already sent him or the “dry run” that he has already manipulated you into. You can “interview” all day, every day but it won’t do you a bit of good and it won’t earn you a dime. But the only one who knows that is Mr. Ellis. Even if you go to the MAX to audition, you WILL NOT BE HIRED.

Tom Ellis seems to be taking full advantage of the rotten ecomomy and the desperation of young mothers. He does occasionally request “mature models” although he never does explain what that is. A desperate 21 year old might consider herself “mature” and Lord knows that 40 year olds have a tough time finding men willing to gawk at them amidst all of the 20 somethings. Requesting “mature” models is just one more part of the trap that he has set.

When I recieved the email from “Sharon”, I had to consider the possibility that she was wrong, of course. I couldn’t just come out and slander some poor schmuck who really needed a “model” for the times when his wife wasn’t paying any attention. So, I had to go undercover for a few weeks and check out the scam myself. I wouldn’t do anything to trap HIM, I would simply reply to his ad and let HIM take ME for a ride. It was amazing, his MO was pretty much the same as it was with “Sharon” only I never sent him nude pictures of myself so he lost interest pretty quickly:

ME: Hi! I was curious to find out more about your request for “mature” models. Exactly what does that mean? Do you have an age limit or a look in mind? I’m “mature”, but I look younger than my age. Would that work against me?
IT: sounds great……maybe exactly what i am looking for have a photo? e
Me: Sure.
At this point I sent him this picture of myself:


IT: POV clip where i interview you…..undies and nude and having fun i pay $ 200 for about an hour the first time what are your expectations and limits? it is important to me that you are comfortable

IT: u r hot as hell and mature or not will be great for what i want i dont financially screw people (keep that to physical) and cash is paid at the shoot first time will be low key, and then we can talk on future shoot and your comfort level i am an amateur, and the photos are not posted or published but kept in my personal collection when are you availible? e

HE: i want you to do a pov shoot, where i am the actor and cameraman i want to be interviewing you for a job and you beg me to hire you you ask me what you have to do i tell you to show me your boobs then to get me off then i come on your boobs whatcha think? BTW, I need a few more pics e
HER: Discretion is a HUGE issue. I cannot stress that enough. I’ll give you a chance to convince me that you can be trusted. What did you have in mind for the “dry run”?
IT: no movies, photos, clips of you, just dry runs (after all, you are my assistant, nothing ever published or posted of gotta be my right arm)……if you are ok with getting naked for me and doing things not on cam, then we could be good to goIT: i am seriously single i also expect discretion and guarantee it………. we can do a dry run with no cameras first, paid of course, then move into what you are comfortable with u r hot e

About then, Mr. Ellis lost interest in my since I sent no nude photos. “Sharon” held his interest a bit longer and she even got a PICTURE of him!

HE: nope no touching whatsoever e but whatver you want e

HER: Just dry runs? What about the first dry run that I would need to feel you out? I just had to say that. But ya know it would be a good idea for my comfort.

IT: what do you mean? ha…..i will do most anything you can think up ha

HER: I was referring to the “dry run” you offered as a first meeting for two reasons. First I want to meet you just to size you up and decide if I think you are safe. Secondly, I want to be able to discuss your plans so that I understand exactly what you need. I know what I need, money to pay the rent. That’s pretty basic and easy to understand. I need to be sure that I understand exactly what I would be getting into. What town do you live in?

HER: I think we have very different ideas of what a dry run is. I’ll tell you this, it would have to be well worth it and paid up front. Can you deal with that?
I have no way of knowing and there’s very little that I can do to help the women who have already fallen for this perverted freak’s evil little scenario. But, perhaps I can stop other women from “begging” this man to be taken for a ride.
How hideous is that? He doesn’t just want you to be his victim, he wants you to BEG him to victimize you. I can’t think of a much more devious, hideous human being, if I can even call this pervert a human. He has 4 kids? I wonder how many of them are girls? I wonder what he would do to a person who had one of his daughters down on their knees begging a man for money while they were nude?
You know, when I think of how my own father reacted after my neighbor’s 29 year old brother raped me when I was 15, I might think that this one might not mind his daughter being so violated. For years after my own rape, my father tried to assauge my feelings by telling me over and over again that, “I would rather my daughter be introduced to sex by a grown man as opposed to another teenager!” I think I was supposed to make the connection myself.
Somehow, that didn’t help me then and as I’ve grown up, I’ve never found it to be the least bit soothing. But, when I think of the women who are being victimized by this bastard and the possibility that he may have fewer women “begging” him for a job thanks to me, I DO feel somewhat better.
Other emails from the man who claims to be Tom Ellis:
what is your availibility and your limits? have other photos……..those didnt show me much i am an amateur clip maker and nothing is ever published or posted, but i havent heard much from you of what you do and what i get…….ha sorry to be frank, but just curious where we go e
I am a licensed cpa and attorney, but extremely bored with my clients and practice…….i want to open some businesses dealing with adult entertainment, and mature type businesses… assistant will be the lead on this……..i want her to try out some ideas with me for different businesses…….and she should feel comfortable modeling for me lingere, bikini, or whatever to test various ideas and merchandise out……also, some of the environments will be adult, so she needs to feel safe and comfortable with herself….the potential for money here is phenominal, and she will be a part of it……..some nights and weekends and odd hours…..everything will be perfectly legal to a T……..just trying to find the right person for a fun, very profitable ride………. i am a good guy, perhaps a lecher (but that is not totally the point), and just want to make the money i could have made years ago in this industry. i do not mind cutting my assistant in for a percent of the cash if i trust her implicitly (may have misspelled that) and she really takes charge following my directions. i am not married………i have a 37 yearold sister and she helps me some….she reviewed your photo and resume and advised me that you would be the best for what I need……..discretion is expected of you, and assured by me………i am not looking for an escort—there are plenty of those……….i have not really exactly figured out what is involved…….modeling lingere and nude for me regarding a milf project with no photos a possibility, but i want to test some adult toys and how they look…….also, how certain modeling looks on webcam (internal, not broadcast on the net) what has been your experience in this area? i am off of veteran’s memorial in vinings (ha, mableton)? i have another venture having to do with loans, check cashing, tax refund loans, etc. that you might could really contribute to? i might even be willing to structure a bonus plan for that and the adult business with you? hope you reply with some more photos, you seem to be the best//////////i am also dabbling in real estate, and your resume is intriguing (if i spelled that right)e
great……..quick cash i can do…… when are you availible and what are your limits for a modeling session…….my sister will be present at the shoot (all amateur and never posted or published), so it will be perfectly fine e btw, have other photos?



regarding the shoot, what are your limits, if any……that is, does anything come to mind that you would try to avoid? a standard question for models………. how much do you charge per hour?
Here is his email address, let him know that he has been found out, a standard problem for perverts:

Oh, and call me kookie, but I wouldn’t purchase a paper clip from this yahoo, much less a house, a tax return or a defense. Now tell me this, how hard does one need to try to make real smut peddlers angry?

IT: i am a prefessional too with four kids and coach baseball/softball……..dont worry……i have as much to gain by being super discrete as you do everything i do is private……for me and maybe friends (girls and guys)….i have some kinda different ideas, but kinda coolone might be you “interviewing” for a job and me doing a pov cam…….you try to talk me into hiring you, but i resist, then you keep asking. i finally get frustrated and tell you to undo your top if you want me to consider you……you get mad and start yelling, but i tell you you have to if yuo want my attention….you relent but are bitching the whole time……i tell you that i have to come, so i start jacking looking at you……you are still bitching, but i shoot on your boobs and dress……..something i just made up, but might be funmaybe first time we could just do a dry run how much would be fair for that? e



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