Posted by: anniewilson | March 17, 2009

Uh oh! I’m in TROOOUUUBLE!

In all the years since I started this thing, I have only outed a very few men. Those men went out of their way to be assholes so I pretty much HAD to post their names in order to protect other women from their scams. I’ve discussed so many men that I don’t remember most of them, but trust me, by the time I go to all the trouble to post a REAL NAME on this thing, someone has been hurt.

It isn’t that all of the men I discussed anonymously were good guys, some of them were total pricks. But that doesn’t warrant an outing on this site. Most of the time I can look back and say, “Well, I sort of asked for that one.” Take Redneck Dude for example…I mentioned him, but no one except him and I know who he is.

But Tom Ellis, CPA, attorney and aspiring real estate agent is probably the WORST of all of them. Personally, Rick caused me more damage, but Mr. Ellis is the one who has caused more universal damage. He is still a danger to other women out there and I can’t let that happen.

I find it ironic that the first attorney that I out is such a fool. He’s the only one who has been stupid enough to threaten me with criminal action. As though I could have done this for so long without some yahoo at least TRYING to call the cops on me…I know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve never published an untruth about ANYONE so none of this is actionable. The first thing I learned when I started this was that “the truth is an absolute defense”. I LOVE the law!

Yesterday, just to be sure that I had the right guy, I called Mr. Ellis at his law office. I didn’t want to out some nimrod who’s name had been used by an anonymous nut. I spoke to Mr. Ellis after he answered his own phone at the number listed for an attorney named Tom Ellis in Mableton, Georgia. So, I am sure that I have told the truth…AGAIN.

I’ve nabbed cheating husbands, adulteress tramps and even a government official or two over the years. But Mr. Ellis is by FAR the dumbest of them all. That’s rather ironic considering the fact that he’s the one who claims the most education of them all, don’t you think?

On top of it all, he seems to think that I am simply a woman whom he scammed. He still doesn’t get it. I was notified by a woman who DID send him nude photos and a narrative of her sexual limits. She wasn’t dumb enough to go meet the man, thank God for that. When he asked her to come to his office and “beg” him for a job while he “jacked all over her tits”, she figured it all out.

I can safely discuss this because I don’t even OWN nude photos of myself so he can’t threaten me with something like that. He can’t threaten me with telling my husband, he can’t threaten me with publications of the nude photos and he can’t use a tape of me begging him for a job. He has nothing on me so here I am!

You want to send the cops to my house, dude? Go on…I’m sure they’ll be interested in you and the women you have humiliated over the past year.

Have a nice day!


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