Posted by: anniewilson | March 29, 2009

My how things have changed!

Did you know that…

…Virginia Slims commercials used to celebrate a woman’s “freedom” by telling her, “You’ve got your own cigarette now baby…you’ve come a long, long way!”

…at one time, real people answered the phone…all the time. The worst they could do was put you on hold, no phone mazes to drive you nuts.

…until 1970, girls HAD to wear dresses to school. They passed some law in ’70 and all of a sudden we could wear pants. I only owned one pair of pants that weren’t play clothes and they were red, white and blue with stripes that said, “USA VOTE USA VOTE USA…”.

…when a Driver’s License was a piece of thin cardboard with no picture, you could easily use fake ID. I used Karen McFall’s. When the pictured ID’s came out, people sold their old cardboard ID’s which were still valid for a while. Not that you really needed them, very few people would have carded you anyway.

…in 1967 it costed 15 cents to rent a pair of bowling shoes.

…the cereal Smacks used to be called Sugar Smacks, Golden Crisps used to be Sugar Crisps (Can’t get enough of those sugar crisps!!!) and Frosted Flakes used to be Sugar Frosted Flakes? (Mueslix was in the old Dick Van Dyke Show as a “new name for butter”. The yucky sounding word crashed and burned amid much laughter.)



  1. I completely forgot about the Virginia Slims ad.. scary to think we came a long way for cigarettes..

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