Posted by: anniewilson | April 1, 2009

Pictures of procrastination

Last night I caught the house cleaning bug rather late so I ended up cleaning my house and doing laundry until 3 AM. That made me sleep until noon, which I hate, but now I’m up and it doesn’t feel at all like it’s almost the late rush hour. But it is and the housework isn’t completely done so before long, I’ll get started all over again.

I would rather procrastinate but that only works for so long…especially if you procrastinate about dishes. Dirty dish procrastination is never pretty. Oh, yesterday I found a mess in a place that I didn’t expect one and it wasn’t procrastination, it was just a place I never look.

I clean my bathrooms when they need it and if I start to see things growing in the toilet, I know I’ve waited too long. I rarely let that happen but there’s something that I didn’t know. Apparently, a girl can use a toilet for a while, look right down into it…and think that it’s clean. For some reason yesterday I picked up the toilet seat and what I saw was quite unnerving, especially when I think that my ass was centimeters away from the hideous discovery. I found an overgrowth of black mold UNDER the seat. I had no idea it was there because I never lift the dumb thing. The rest of the toilet is suspiciously clean so I didn’t even see that one coming.

I hate things that grow where you don’t want stuff to grow. My ex didn’t seem to mind so by the time I took over the yard work, I had to pull down 10 years of ivy that had grown all over the pretty bushes, back fence and even into the yard. I don’t even know why in the world we need weeds…or mold for that matter. Mold is simply a sign that the unidentifiable stuff sitting in a bowl behind a gallon of milk is ready to be thrown away. Hell, some black shit even tries to grow on my bathroom ceiling so I have to put bleach in a spray bottle and spray THAT every so often.

The bathroom is pretty much the place to grow a bunch of stuff. I don’t know why, maybe it’s all the water. Somehow when you clean yourself, the shower curtain becomes a breeding ground for something icky. I don’t let it grow long enough to know whether it’s mold or mildew and frankly, I’m not really sure what the difference is.

Oh well, I guess mold and mildew are simply reminders that it’s time to quit procrastinating and do something. I’ve been procrastinating about my taxes all year and I’m thinking about making it easy on myself and just ignoring them. I doubt that I’d have to pay this year but I am in arrears to the government and no one has offered to bail me out.

So, I’m bailing my own self out…by not discussing income tax with a government who helps everyone who already has money. Screw ’em.

That’ll be my own little exercise in civil disobedience. I am civilly disobedient every so often and I’m bored today so it seems like a good day to do it again. I can’t wait to put my taxes off as long as humanly possible.

I almost did the taxes Monday but I ended up melting wax instead. I had no reason to melt wax, I just did. I used Sterno and a contraption that I set up. I could just show you because when I do really meaningless stuff, I like to take pictures.

Here’s my ingenious set up:

Here’s the wax all melted down:

I carefully add more to see how long it will take to overflow…seriously:

So, you see, I’m not wasting my time when I procrastinate. I’m always doing something.


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