Posted by: anniewilson | April 4, 2009

I earned an ‘F’ in flirting tonight…but I deserved it!

Well, it would seem as though I need to practice my flirting technique. Tonight I confused one guy named Mike with another guy named Mike and I told another guy that I stunk like a cat. It was true, I did stink like a cat. But that’s one of those things that probably shouldn’t be mentioned when a couple is at the flirting stage.

My phone was ringing when I got home from taking my dog for a walk. I rushed into the house and grabbed the phone and before I knew what I was doing, I told the dude that I needed a shower so that my bed didn’t smell when I got into it.

All day long I was smelling something that can only be called, “cat smell”. I would get whiffs of it here and there. I washed everything that I could fit into the washer and wiped down stuff that wouldn’t. I never seemed to get rid of the smell and I couldn’t track it down to save my life.

As I was walking my dog I caught another whiff of it and to my horror, I realized that it was my hoodie sweatshirt that stunk. There’s pollen everywhere and I have hay fever but when I pulled that stupid hood up onto my head, I couldn’t deny the fact that it was actually me that now smelled like “cat smell”.

I never would have told a guy that I smelled if I had seen the call coming. I would have been much more settled and together. But he caught me off guard so before I knew it, I told the guy that I stunk too badly to go to bed.

That was awkward…it’s true. The only good thing about it is that it makes the other bonehead thing I did pale in comparison.

I received another phone call and that time I was as cool as a cucumber. The guy said, “Hi this is Mike from Dallas, remember me?”

Well, I do remember a Mike from Dallas. They have so many Mike’s that it’s hard to keep them all straight. I assumed it was the wrong Mike and I responded, “Of course I remember, I don’t mow down many garages!”

I said that because as I was backing into that Mike’s garage, I sort of hit it with my car. Luckily, he’s a very handy man. He fixed it himself almost immediately and I haven’t heard from him in a few years.

Anyway, when I realized my mistake, I had to explain to the other Mike why I “mow down garages” with my car.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my phone never rang again.



  1. I prefer awkward flirting/conversation to what society considers to be normal. It makes it real and unique. And telling someone you can’t go to sleep because you small bad is classic awkward. Way to go!
    Good post.

  2. LOLOL, where do I meet people who appreciate my type of conversation? I’m actually afraid to hear the answer so that was rhetorical.

    I’m glad SOMEBODY appreciates a smelly chick!

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