Posted by: anniewilson | April 13, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the protest

Like most sane people, I think that the government is losing a few marbles with the astonishing spending spree they’ve recently embarked upon. As one of the “saners”…my interest was piqued when I heard that one of the Tax Tea Parties would be occurring here in Atlanta. Curious as to the details, I found a web site dedicated to the local event and began to read about all of the particulars.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but these “parties” are being held in order to let the government know that we are sick of funding every pregnant pig study that some nit wit in a lab thinks up, right? We no longer want to see millions of dollars going to political committees. Committees are pretty much doomed to fail, you will NEVER get a group of political types to agree to anything. Just look at those nimrods in New York City. It’s been eight years and there’s still a gaping hole in the Big Apple where the World Trade Centers once stood. And exactly what does a committee need millions of dollars for anyway? Post-it notes? Citizens are sick of watching their own 401K plans shrink by more than half while paying taxes that fund the healthy retirement funds of the fools who caused this mess in the first place. Americans feel duped, mislead and downright hornswoggled. Hence…the Tea Parties.

That was the thinking that led me to the event’s web site in pursuit of the logistical information. I hadn’t been on the site for more than 2 minutes and 23 seconds when I felt the first pang of being suckered.

Someone, it doesn’t tell you who, is asking for cash “for the Tea Party”. The person who said only that “I am collecting money” doesn’t say for what their anonymous self is collecting the money. How much does it cost to let people stand next to each other in unity? I doubt they’re serving cheese danish and a fine Earl Grey.

Then, as I read further, I saw that another anonymous entity is collecting money to build a stage, obtain large television screens and other various electrical things that I don’t understand. Apparently, “Since Sean Hannity has announced and promoted the Atlanta Tea Party so much, our needs have grown.” Well, I love Sean and call me kookie, but perhaps he shouldn’t come if they can’t afford to accommodate him. After all, it sort of reflects on the main issue…DON’T SPEND MONEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD! If all they need is an angry person to bitch about the government, I could do that and I don’t need $25,000 worth of equipment to do so.

As I read on, I saw how the local hotels are doing the American thing. They’re blocking off floors to be made available to the party-goers at “group rates”. In itself, that doesn’t seem bad at all. But add it to the list of people trying to get cash from people complaining that their cash is being taken from them and somehow, it appears unseemly.

By the time I read the following, I was already getting annoyed at the Tea Party people so perhaps I’m a bit sensitive right now but wouldn’t you think that people going to a protest should have a working knowledge of the issues being protested?  So help me understand this request for people to carry signs: “Wondering what to put on the signs? Click here to find out.” How stupid would someone have to be not to be able to at least come up with a 3 to 12 word shibboleth to place on a sign? If you’re really stumped, just paint “Hell no!” on your sign. It’s a safe bet that it’ll work, no matter what you’re protesting.

Now I’m all deflated over the Tea Party thing and that’s sad. I was so looking forward to sending a message to the government in a manner befitting a proud, non-hypocritical American citizen.



  1. Nooo! You can’t love Sean!! You’re too smart for that

  2. LOLOL, that was rhetorical.

    I’m good!

  3. In The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe the liberal strategy of gathering and paying people for bogus “protests” to influence the politicians is documented. There is a well-organized and intentional group of socialists who are manipulating public perception of what Americans want. The tea party is the first opportunity for those who don’t want socialism to publically communicate what it is we do want. Of course, ACORN will send their paid counter-protesters to try to maintain their monopoly on what is presented to the public. So the more that there are good folks peacefully and persuasively present at the tea party, the more the truth of American independence can be heard. I would encourage you to join us.

  4. Claire,

    I wouldn’t be kept away by any group. I hope to see you there.

  5. There are scams for everything, but I’ll be at the Alamo with my sign quoting John Adams, Glenn Beck is going to be at our party, so I suppose it’ll be on Fox News. No one asked for money here…simply to be respectful of other viewpoints…I’d think I’d rather give some money, and act like the code pink assholes.


  6. Dude, You get Beck? Cool! This should be fun. I haven’t been to a decent protest in decades!


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