Posted by: anniewilson | May 12, 2009

Just my luck!

It’s me again, Margaret! I’ve been in a good mood lately that I couldn’t have imagined being in last week. Ever since last Monday, I’ve been determined to get myself out of this situation because the lottery idea wasn’t panning out and Prince Charming never showed up.

So, in the past week, I had the power turned back on, avoided having the phone turned off, brought my overdrawn checking account up to a positive number, I spent two days with a yard sale, I got my lawn taken care of and as long as the background check comes back OK, I will have a decent job. I went through 2 interviews and I passed the typing test, the grammar test and the drug test. Wouldn’t you know the stupid background check would take so long? If mine had been one of the first to come back, I would have been able to start today. As it is, now I have to wait until May 26th to start that job.

Now all I need is a car to get to that job (or any other job that I might find in the meantime). Also, I do enjoy walking but after a couple of miles my knee hurts and I WILL fall all the way down because of the Multiple Sclerosis. I hate when that happens. Besides, the job certainly is NOT within walking distance anyway.

I know it sounds asinine but I went online and googled “free cars”. You’d be surprised to learn that there aren’t many at all. If there ARE free cars, I couldn’t find them. I wouldn’t even mind paying for one but I need a down payment and a couple of paychecks first. I’ll buy the first hoopty that I can afford…you’ll know me by the black smoke coming out of the tail pipe.

Oh! I had a guy come over today to look at the room that I’m renting out and a lady with two kids who is leaving her husband wants to come by Thursday. Since I have 2 empty bedrooms I figured I could handle that. After all, by renting the room, she’s helping me out so I don’t mind helping her out.

So, if everything works out, I should be almost out of this hole in which I find myself. It really could have gone either way at one point. I was about as depressed as I could be and stressed to the max. If I had let that go on much longer, someone would have taken me to a rubber room so I talked myself into motivation. I can be very persuasive! I didn’t realize how good I was until I got myself with it!

If good things keep happening, I can only imagine getting more motivated. When the bad things kept on happening to me, I was a bit deflated. But since I gave myself an attitude adjustment, good stuff keeps happening. I just can’t wait to see what GOOD STUFF happens next!


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