Posted by: anniewilson | May 14, 2009

Rent and the molestor

I wish that I had a reason to get in my car and drive down the highway with the top down but I’m still as broke as I can be so there isn’t any justification for wasting gas. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunity’s to do that.

For now I’m trying to get a roommate so that I can make it until the next alimony check. You wouldn’t believe some of the responses I got from the ad. Of course you have the run of the mill, “I have two dogs.” But every so often an original story widens my eyes and drops my jaw.

The other day a guy came to look at the room. He seemed normal enough, and pleasant. He was on the quiet side which is a bonus in a roommate. Basically, he was a bit nerdy so I was beginning to think that he was probably a good choice. Then he told me a bit about himself.

He began with this shocker:

“I am a convicted felon and just finished serving 34 months in federal prison for internet child pornography.”

Of course, he was set up, “It turned out to be a FBI undercover sting site.” But not to worry Meg, “I am safe and harmless and have never and would never hurt anyone.” What a relief THAT was!

Apparently I would have to allow his probation officer into my house and I’d have to answer a bunch of questions about myself because, as the man said, “I am on probation for 25 years.” I go to great lengths to avoid having cops in my house and I would hate to have someone else bring them in. I’m sure some cops are nice people, but the less I see of them, the happier I am. They NEVER bring good news.

And then of course, we have my grandchildren who I don’t offer up to anyone. I adore those kids and I don’t think their mother would let me keep them for the weekend very often if I had a registered sex offender living in the room down the hall. I can’t be sure, I haven’t asked her. BUT…I think I can safely guess her thoughts on the matter.

Well, my daughter is, as I type this, driving here from Chicago. She had flown there from LA to come down with her father and his family to see my son graduate from law school this weekend. He just finished 3 years at Mercer in Macon. My plan had him going to UGA for undergrad AND law school. Sadly, he met a goofy chick from Macon and somehow ended up going to school down there instead. But, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mercer Law School so I’m not worried. And the kid made the Law Review so he’d have done well anywhere.

Since my daughter is coming to my house, I should be sure that it’s good and clean. I did most of it last night but I still have a few things to do. And then of course, I have to do my task du jour. I’m doing one thing a day to make my life better and I have a plan for today. I may or may not get much done toward that plan because I’m really looking forward to spending time with my daughter.

You know, I keep calling that job that I was offered pending the drug test and the background check and I never get an answer. The drug test was fine of course and I THINK the background check should be as well. So, I’d like to know if they’ve gotten it or not so I know whether I have a job or not. If so, cool. If not, that’s OK too because one way or another, I’m going to use this time to look for a better job.

Of course, I could also look for a cheaper place to live. This guy is offering a room for free:

“No Rent For Cute Female Seeking A place To stay to get on feet, It will be a Live in Girlfriend Arrangment. . Bus Stop is outfront of complex. had setup twice before worked out great!! We Can discuss details.”

I wish I were cute, I’d jump all over that one.



  1. Bus stop right out front? You are probably correct though, competition will be fierce, I’ll bet his phone is ringing off the hook!

    So what type of jobs do you seek?

  2. I’m looking for a job in nursing but it has to be in management or a supervisory position because with the Multiple Sclerosis, I would feel safer at a desk. But, the job that I’m waiting to hear about is NOT in nursing, it’s at a call center and it’s a CSR job. I don’t care if it’s in nursing or not but I DO know nursing so it’s tough to find something else that I’m qualified to do.

  3. My friend is the Director of surgical services in Lake Forest Hospital. She might be able to help you land a job, but this is suburb of Chicago.

  4. That’s actually not a bad thing. I plan on moving to either Chicago or LA within the year. I just have to get myself in a position to do that!

    Hold that thought!

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