Posted by: anniewilson | May 26, 2009

Ganja King For President!


…THIS is the first day of the rest of my life? Damn. I’m sweating from the Georgia heat and it isn’t even 9 AM. This day might be a bad day to start living. But, since I could get hit by an airplane just sitting here in my dining room tomorrow, maybe I should make a plan.

I wonder what room people are usually in when planes hit them in their houses? I also want to know the low risk areas which I would think should include my crawlspace but I don’t go there. I would, but I’m a girl and we hate spiders and snakes. And yes, I’d rather get hit by a plane than to go in that crawlspace. If you were in the room when I got my first MRI, you’d understand my reaction to extreme fear. If YOU were hiding in my crawlspace, you’d kick my ass out.

The same goes for my attic. Anne Frank wouldn’t have lasted until lunch with me up in that attic. My reaction to the first spider would get the attention of every Nazi in Germany.

See how my mind works? I start out planning the rest of my life and I end up in Nazi Germany. That COULD be an omen.

But as soon as I change subjects, I won’t care anymore.

OK then…last night I passed out on the couch while I was THINKING about having a Margarita. I didn’t even open the bottle of Cuervo…I just THOUGHT about it and I was out until this morning. God forbid I should drink any of the stuff.

See, this is the time for me to drink. If I wanted to drink at all, I would have to do it in the mornings. But most people frown upon that sort of thing and I may want to drive somewhere so I must refrain for now. Of course, I could just go back to bed, wake up after 5 PM and knock back a few.

But, that’s probably not a good thing to do on the first day of the rest of my life although, if I chose to be a drunk, that’d be the right thing to do. No, I can’t be a drunk…I pee too much already. I would just be a urine odor waiting to happen. Damn it.

Maybe a cokehead? I can dismiss that out of hand because I couldn’t afford to be a cokehead. On top of that, I wouldn’t know where to get cocaine. Well, if someone dared me, I could probably find it…but I hate jail and heart attacks so I won’t.

I totally missed the Ecstasy thing so I don’t even know what the hell that is much less where to find it. Same with crack. I could walk past a huge pile of that stuff and I would just think, “That’s a dumb place for rocks.” Of course, I’m assuming that it looks like rocks…if not I’d think something else but it would never occur to be to get a pipe and smoke the “rocks”.

I did try acid a bazillion years ago but that was no fun. I was fishing off a dock and I puked in the lake after eating some sort of acid. I’m not sure who was more messed up, me or the ducks that ate the acid filled puke.

Acid is like eating shrooms, I only did that once. I thought I was having a lot of fun until my date put in the movie Good Morning Viet Nam. I was doing just fine until the scene where the restaurant blew up. I took it rather hard because of the shrooms. I chose never to touch those suckers again either…especially after I learned from where they came.

So, as compared to others of the era in which I grew up, I didn’t do too badly. I was rather enamoured with marijuana because nothing bad ever happened as a result of smoking it…ever. The only bad thing that can happen is jail and that’s not because of the wacky tobacky, it’s because of William Randolph Hearst and bigotry. The poor little plant didn’t ask to be illegal.

Ah, I know…I’ll campaign for Obama’s second campaign…IF he decriminalizes marijuana federally. I’ll get that little sucker re-elected and I could do it simply by being Annie Marijuanaseed. Like Johnny Appleseed, I’ll travel the country planting all the seeds that my ex saved for years. And you’d see a voting revolution like you’ve never seen if every politician in the country promises to treat weed like gays in the military…don’t ask, don’t tell.

I am 100% sure that people underestimate the numbers of quiet little pot smokers out there. And if you did legalize the stuff, people wouldn’t be so upset about the economy because pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no pot.

Anyone who doesn’t think that the numbers are out there simply has to look for all the Marijuana stores springing up like McDonald’s did 50 years ago. In one Los Angeles neighborhood not too far from West Hollywood, 6 new pot stores opened within the last 6 months. That’s in addition to the stores that were already there 6 months ago. There has to be some serious cash coming in to someones pockets.

Well, if you want to run for an office in this country, I dare you to call for a Ganja King on every corner.


  1. All he needs to do is legalize pot and put the Fair Tax in operation. Even I would vote for him then.

  2. We need to start a bit of a revolt here. Weed is healthier than booze.


  3. Agree completely. You don’t even have to smoke it. It’s good in borwnies too.;-)

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