Posted by: anniewilson | May 28, 2009

Headlines that make me smile

‘My Life Has Been Ruined’ …said a teenager convicted of sexting. What a stupid idea it is to felonize our youth. It’s a shame that they don’t portray teen sex as a crime…you can touch, but you better not look!

Giant Blob Found Deep Beneath Nevada…well, there had to be something out there. I’ve been to Nevada, there’s nothing on top of the dirt.

Mother Gets 3 Months for Hitting Sex Offender with Baseball Bat Ya see? This is why women should be in charge. This woman should be given a medal. If she hit an Iraqi dude with a bat, she would be commended by the President of the United States of America. If more sex offenders were hit with baseball bats, there wouldn’t be so many sex offenses.

Drew Peterson Calls Radio Show From Jail, Suggests ‘Win a Conjugal Visit He may or may not have been serious, but if I showed up at his cell on visiting day…he’d do me. What possible reason could a woman have for NOT dating/screwing this guy? He’ll find some ditz somewhere. In that way he’s sort of like the Hugh Hefner of the wife murdering set…no matter how fat, old and dangerous he gets, there’s always a line of idiots volunteering to be his next victim.

California Allowing Gay, Lesbian Conjugal Visits for Inmates I can’t imagine the meeting where this was OK’ed. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they addressed the fact that gays and lesbians are the last people to need a conjugal visit in prison.



  1. Ha ha ha amusing

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