Posted by: anniewilson | June 23, 2009

Domestic violations

Did you know that what happened to me the other night is considered “domestic violence”? I didn’t. But, that’s what the cops said. I haven’t yet figured out the logic behind that one but I guess the cops know what they’re doing. (I almost gagged on that last sentence, and I didn’t even use my mouth to say it.)

I have to admit, I almost expect a husband to be violent and I know that’s considered domestic violence. But you don’t expect to be assaulted when you’re with a man you’ve known for less than a week.

It offended me the first time I prosecuted a man for domestic violence because it wasn’t in criminal court, it was in Family and Juvenile Court. That just hit me wrong so I asked someone why that was and the answer was to “protect me from anyone finding out what happened” I didn’t commit any crimes…why the hell would I care if anyone found out? I think it protected my ex and his reputation much more than it protected me and mine.

As if that wasn’t offensive enough, now I hear that it’s domestic violence to have a friend attack you, possibly poison you and then do God knows what to you. Isn’t that interesting? If I had been another dude, I doubt that anyone would have attached “domestic violence” to the crime. I’m pretty sure they would have called it assault and battery and left it at that. But, since I’m a woman, it’s domestic violence. Go figure.

I don’t know what that term means for a crime…I would guess a lighter sentence. It certainly seems that way, doesn’t it? The guy who bruised up Rihanna won’t be going to jail and as much as people complain about that, Chris Brown DID get a stiff sentence compared to what I’ve seen. I’ve never seen anyone that domestically violated me go to jail. Even Rick didn’t go when he violated a restraining order and assaulted me for a third time in one summer. I know he didn’t get a felony rap which Brown did receive. That does mean something to the man…or it will eventually. But, the way men get away with knocking women around, I’m sure he will be having that felony expunged from his record. Geragos probably told Brown…”Just wait a couple of years and we’ll have it expunged, no biggie.”

Unless that psycho guy who assaulted me comes at me with a gun, knife or more of his simple handiwork, I’ll probably be OK. I doubt that he’ll get close enough to me and my dog to hurt me again. But there are women walking around who might just be headed for a pavement bouncing. And just like I’m someone’s mother, daughter, grandmother and sister…the future victims of this creep will have people who care about them.

The legal term “scienter” comes to mind. I hope that it never has to be applied to the cops as relates to Mike Mallon. But, now that I think of it…I wonder if he has a history of doing this? People just don’t suddenly turn violent at 56.


  1. Now you know why he’s single. Are you going to press charges? Funny how the worst ones can fool you when you least expect it. They always say such nice things about the serial killer that lived next door.
    Hope your felling better today. The bruises looked pretty bad.:-(

  2. Thanks girlfriend. Am I going to press charges? Isn’t that what happens when you call the cops? Do I have to go and do something else? Damn it. I’m calling someone now.


  3. But I dont get something :S:S thats worrying.. how come you don’t know what happened/ ?? How come!

  4. You do have to file papers at the court house annie. Atleast in every state I’ve lived in. I can’t believe the cops there. What helpfull assholes. I’m only 1 state away from you but here they would have informed you of this first. I would like to know how this turned out for you. Don’t stay away too long.

  5. UNI, the best I can figure is that I was drugged.

    Sunny, Hey girlfriend.

    I’m going to do something but I haven’t figured out what yet. This might be all I can do. I’m so disgusted, even with myself at this point.


  6. You know annie if just getting over it is all you do, that is something. I always asked God not to let my heart get bitter by the people who have hurt and lied to me. So that one day I could be happily married to a good man. I was single for 23 years. (alone, not “shacking up” single) I’m not releigous just spritual. I will pray this for you too.

  7. haha can’t even spell the word (long story). Now that’s funny. (I LAUGH AT ME HAHA)

  8. Well, the Lrod works in mysterious ways.


  9. Yes he does:-)

  10. 23 keeps popping up this week. I have got to buy a couple more lottery tickets. Anyone else have a 23 story for me?


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