Posted by: anniewilson | July 16, 2009

Man Study

As I said, I’m well into my Man Study and it just occurred to me that I should start compiling the data while it’s still fresh in my mind. I forgot the name of one guy I went out with and I became a little unnerved so I thought I better start documenting my findings…or at the very least, reporting the raw data.

Here are some observations:

Saturday man: Age: 42
Height: 6′
Weight: Approximately 180 lbs.
Car: 2006 Mustang

Subject showed up on time with a rose and a Snickers bar. He immediately called an audible and changed our plans. Rather than go fishing, he made home repairs out of concern for my well being. I fed him and he complimented my cooking. After we ate, he took me to the Marietta Lanes and we shot pool. He did well and did not embarrass me. Halfway through the evening, he began to become comfortable with me as evidenced by touching me on my shoulder and putting his arm around my waist. He was very gratuitous and made sure that I was wanting for nothing. On the way out, I showed a glancing interest in a game machine. He went into his pocket and retrieved quarters and watched supportively as I won the small prize. He drove me home and was a perfect gentleman. Not one false move was made. Nice job.

Monday man: Age: 48
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 210 lbs.
Car: Mercedes (year unknown)

Subject came to my home to take me out to dinner. He came in and we had a glass of wine. He told me I was prettier than my picture. We left the house and went to the Buckhead Diner. I had a steak medium well which noticeably annoyed subject. He felt as though I “killed” the steak. I reminded him that it was already dead. Halfway through dinner he asked if I would accompany him to a business function at the Atlanta Country Club on Friday night. I told him that I was free on Friday but if Jude Law called, I would have to bump him to Saturday. He responded, “What are you some kind of comedian?” I said, “As a matter of fact sir, I am.” He laughed. We sparred verbally all evening long and we both thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. When he dropped me off, he actually walked me to the door and kissed me on my cheek. The way his hand caressed my chin as he kissed my cheek assured me this was not a sisterly kiss. Once again, almost the perfect gentleman. One slight mis-step, he called me “hot as hell”. I don’t really know why, but that struck me as a tad offensive even though he assured me is was meant as a compliment. And, I must let that go as he sent two dozen iris’s on Monday. They were absolutely beautiful. I said before there would be times when this will make up for that or vice versa.

Tuesday man: Age: 31
Height: 6′
Weight: 185
Car: Miata (year unknown)

Met subject at Sidelines to shoot pool and play trivia. He was waiting in his car reading a book when I pulled in. I parked right next to him by coincidence. I recognized him immediately from his description. We exited our respective vehicles and shook hands as we introduced ourselves. He appeared to be shy. Not in a weak way, more in a quiet, respectful way. He made little eye contact at first. We began shooting pool. He, like Saturday man, was pretty good. I was having a pretty bad night and did not perform up to par. The first trivia question was an R&B question that I cannot remember but I put Whitney Houston as the answer. He told me it was Billy Ocean. I trusted him and turned in his answer. The answer was Whitney Houston. He smiled and blushed. Then, he sunk the 8 ball and I was irritated, but in a good way. We continued to work as a team in the trivia contest which was a bonding type of thing and we also remained very competitive on the pool table which is a good thing for that spark type of thing. He asked if I was hungry and we ordered onion rings. They were very good and obviously made on location. We were still hungry so he ordered the Lemon-Pepper Wings and they were fantastic. By the end of the evening, he had loosened up and appeared much more comfortable with me, making witty comments and pleasantly teasing me. He had to work and I had to get up at 7 so we made an early evening of it. We walked to our cars and he came to my open door to ask what the music I was listening to was. It was a ploy. He didn’t really care about the music, he wanted to reach into my car and kiss me. I had to let him. It was quite nice. Once again, quite the gentleman. The next day I received a nice email from him thanking me for the lovely evening and asking to see me again sometime.

Wednesday man: Age: 52
Height: 5’11” (LOL, I was just looking for the eleven button.)
Weight: 185
Car: 2009 Escalade that he picked up last week.

Subject and I met at Michaels Crafts. I bought some canvases and we then walked to the New China Buffet and had an absolutely lovely meal. Nice conversation, very nice man. After we stuffed ourselves like a couple of gluttons, we went to the mall and walked around. I like to window shop in the jewelry stores and I saw a pretty pair of ruby earrings. He offered to buy them for me. Very embarrassed, I wouldn’t allow it. He asked if we could go to the music store and I said yes. As I was browsing through the CD’s, he excused himself to “go to the men’s room”. He came back with the ruby earrings. I was very embarrassed and somewhat taken aback. Not enough to take the earrings aback, but somewhat. The mall closed and he asked if he could have some more of my time. It was still early so I said yes. We went for a drive and chatted. I told him about the break in and he offered to install motion detecting lights at my house. We will see if that materializes. I also mentioned that my cable was messed up and he insisted on fixing it for me. After spending the evening with him, I allowed him to do so. After he fixed the cable, he actually asked me for a kiss. I obliged. Then he asked me if he could put the earrings on me himself. I said yes. He did. Then, he held my hair up so he could see how they looked. He told me I was beautiful and took the picture of me that is posted here somewhere before or after this post. I take awful pictures but I put it there anyway. The date ended with him making me promise to call him tomorrow. He is an emergency room doctor and will be on duty at 7 P.M. so he said to call him early. I shall. Another perfect gentleman although he was very touchy feely, which I like, I just wasn’t as comfortable with it on a first date. But, I must say, the reflexology thing he did with my hands was one of the most pleasant sensations I have felt in a very long time.



  1. Wow you must be doing something right.
    I’m impressed. A guy for every night and your not even putting out. lol
    I was the “no making out till after the 3rd date” girl.
    I never got laid. Big joke amongst my friends.
    Let me know how all this works out for ya.
    I like the doctor guy.
    But hey what do I know? Took me 23 yrs to find 1 good one 🙂

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