Posted by: anniewilson | July 24, 2009

Henry Gates…prejudiced man

For some reason the Boston papers have scrubbed all traces of the police report regarding the arrest of Henry Gates for disturbing the peace. I wasn’t there so I have no idea what happened but no one should be afraid of what either party has to say so luckily, the is showing the report here:

I haven’t found a site that has silenced Gates, I don’t think the cops should be silenced either.

Although Lord knows that I haven’t always taken the high road, I certainly try to do so whenever possible. Gates isn’t choosing to take the high road nor is he seeking to take a “middle of the road” road. Rather than allowing the system to work this incident out, he is barking racism at every turn. What a shame.

It’s not as though I have any special consideration for police, actually I would doubt their veracity before I would doubt those who speak out against them. But I would think that a man as learned as Mr. Gates would understand that he isn’t doing anyone a favor by proclaiming racism before HE asked any questions. He submits that the police acted with prejudice while Gates is guilty of doing the exact same thing.

Bill Cosby said it best when he suggested that both parties need to ratchet it down a few notches, open the lines of communication and try a bit of the Golden Rule before proclaiming anyone guilty of anything.

For some unknown reason, I thought that the election of a black President would assuage racial tensions in this country. But I was obviously wrong. Incidents like this one are serving to convince those who are at the bottom of the IQ ladder that they are justified in yelling racism at every possible opportunity. That is only serving to irritate those who know that they are not harboring racist feelings. It doesn’t take long for those thoughts to actually blossom into feelings that are less than conciliatory.

Some will take my words and twist them into racism because that’s what they’re comfortable with. It’s obviously easier to assume that I am a racist when the alternative is to look in the mirror. Pity.


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