Posted by: anniewilson | August 11, 2009

Hey…fellow idiot…

My word how diplomatic:

When I was a kid the government used water hoses to shut up the protesters. They have a new tactic:

If you dare to oppose them, the White House will find you:

How many republicans has Bill Maher bedded?

“Well, first of all I think the bottom line is that religion makes people arrogant. One of the things I don’t like about religion is I think it is arrogance…I think religion is usually, especially in this country, it’s arrogance masquerading as humility.”…”They’re bad at sex. They’re pasty, unattractive white people, and if you had to have sex with them it would be over in an excruciating three minutes.”

Bill Maher and his opinion of us couldn’t get much lower. It appears as though he is pretty representative of the current attitude that nit wits have of most Americans. The White House can deny that they think we’re stupid but seriously…wouldn’t we have to be? It is the height of stupidity to blindly follow ANY leader and to let him shove his agenda down our throats without questioning him and his authority to do so. They can say that they don’t think we’re stupid all day long but until they begin treating the country like something other than a group of whiny 3 year olds that are in dire need of a nap, I think it’s safe to assume that Obama’s White House is counting on morons in it’s attempt to overtake a huge, private industry that it has absolutely no constitutional right to take over.

Unfortunately, they’re are a certain number of morons out there. Identifying them is a bit of a challenge because there is no such thing as rational discourse where they are concerned. They hide in their mother’s basement until they finally get a job that pays 10 bucks an hour and all they have to do is deride those who disagree with Obama. Sweet gig if you can get it.

I’ll make a deal with the White House, the DNC or whomever it is offering that 10 bucks an hour. If the ordinary asshole is worth $10, I submit that I’m worth $30. So, pay me 30 bucks an hour and I will kiss the appropriate ass and spout the party line. I was on the Speech and Debate team in high school so I know how to argue two sides of the same coin.


  1. Take it in kind, scum. You tell lies, we’ll tell the truth.

    You lost, get over it.

  2. What lie did I tell? I defy you to find one. Have a lovely day.

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