Posted by: anniewilson | August 11, 2009

Do you have the flank? WHO HAS OUR FLANK?

It’s not a citizen’s fault that America only has two political parties from which to choose. It seems as though all dissenters MUST be classified as the opposition as though there is only one singular group of opposers. People opposed to the proposed health care reform being “discussed” in Washington these days may have very little in common with each other besides the fact that, for one reason or another, they disagree with the massive overhaul of our government.

And make no mistake, there’s no way that Washington can take over one sixth of the American GDP without sustaining massive changes itself. I’m not sure that a government takeover of such a large percentage of the economy can EVER be a good thing, regardless of which one sixth it usurps.

If you asked me to choose the three businesses that inherently have the most access to our private information, I would quickly come up with education, financing and health care. The government has had access to our education for quite some time and recently, they’ve begun quite the little blitzkrieg on the remaining two areas.

Has it ever occurred to any of the yahoos arguing in the streets that perhaps that’s exactly where the government wants us to be? Senators lump us into categories and then send us off to bicker with each other and no one ever stops to ask why. It’s rather frightening that so many of us are falling for that blatent ploy without once looking around to ask, “Is there anything else that we should be monitoring while we battle each other over health care?”

We have all been lumped into one of two categories when Americans are about as diverse a group of people as there is anywhere else on this planet. It’s much easier to classify us as either republican or democrat. Isn’t that convenient for those who want to aim us at each other?

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