Posted by: anniewilson | August 14, 2009

Oh man…I was wr…wr…wr..wrong

I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong, after all, we all are at times. But what I despise is, actually BEING wrong. The other day I wrote a post saying that I would be telling men up front that there would be no sex after a date. I had a good reason for saying that, I’m sick of playing defense to men who seem to think that when I agree to a date I’m agreeing to have sex with them. When thinking that little plan through, I left out one consideration…there are decent guys out there who might just enjoy my company without necessarily having sex with me.

And naturally, the one time I DO tell a guy that “We won’t be having sex so don’t even think about it.”, I chose a guy who has enough respect for me NOT to think that we would be having sex in the first place. What a jack ass I am.

Nice Guy Dude came over to watch TV the other night and I gave him the sex caveat. Then, he and I got together again last night and he made a point to ask me about that stupid comment. I immediately felt like an idiot and realized that I hadn’t even given him a chance to be a nice guy before assuming that he was just another cad. My bad.

The way my luck goes, I figure the Cubs will win the World Series the October following my death. So, I should have known better than to make that stupid comment before the guy did anything wrong. But…I didn’t so I made a fool out of myself by saying what I said.

When he agreed to come over for a friendly evening of TV watching, who knew that he REALLY wanted to watch TV? I keep saying that I know there are decent guys out there so I should assume that sooner or later I might run into one of them.

In my own defense, there ARE a lot of horny creepy dudes out there and I seem to run into an inordinate amount of them. So many so that I was beginning my defense before a guy even snapped the ball. I committed a social false start and for that I apologize.

I apologized profusely to Nice Guy Dude, he let it slide and then we watched people cooking on TV. We chatted for a while and when I left, I got a friendly kiss on the cheek and left without having to block one single pass. It was strange…but very nice. I hope it happens again.

Of course, I’m still left with the notion that nice guys seem to be the exception and the realization that I will probably still be fighting off some of the other type in the future. Of course, from now on I’ll give them a chance to be nice before I do that. But, although I won’t be going offsides anymore, I will probably adopt a stronger defense strategy from now on. I pity the fools who try to run their balls on me next time.



  1. I’ve tried the nice guy approach and ended up being a “friend”

  2. Well, I am a woman who actually appreciates a nice guy so don’t assume that we’re all alike like I assumed men were all jerks!

  3. Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

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