Posted by: anniewilson | August 18, 2009

A couple of Mikes that SUCK!!!

I just got home from the Marietta Police Department where I finally met with a detective who behaved like a professional police officer. He didn’t attempt to defend the other cops that I spoke with, he simply treated me like a witness to a crime. He mentioned that the case might not go much further because of the time that has elapsed but he will be bringing Mike Mallon in to be interrogated like a suspect in a crime. That’s all I ever wanted.

So…I am now pleased with the local police again.

Of course, I’m not happy with the Philadelphia Eagles and today I’m mentioning one of a long line of sponsors that I will be boycotting until Mike Vick no longer has a job with the NFL.

Today’s company non grata:

Reebok Corporation

Not only is Reebok a sponsor, but they have started selling Michael Vick jerseys again. If you boycott no other company, focus your efforts on Reebok. This is a company that just does not seem to care about its customers.

President and CEO: Uli Becker

CFO: John Warren

Chief Marketing Officer: Matthew H. (Matt) O’Toole
1895 J. W. Foster Blvd.Canton, MA 02021


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