Posted by: anniewilson | August 26, 2009

So, how was YOUR day?

This morning I woke up with a gaping hole in my smile where a tooth used to be. I had an appointment with the dentist in Dacula, Georgia but no car with which to get there. I eventually had to use almost ALL of my alimony to get to the dentist’s office only to be met by all the police in Dacula. The parking lot of the medical building was full of cops, media people and one dead guy under a sheet.

What I know is that there was a shooting in the parking lot and both men ended up dead. One died on the scene and the other died later in the hospital. I heard a bunch of speculation and rumors saying that it was a murder-suicide and I also heard someone say that both men were shooting at each other. The police at the scene said that there was only one gun found but 25 or so shell casings were around the area where the dead guy was.

Apparently we drove up right after it happened because they weren’t going to let me in the “crime scene”. My logic tells me that whatever area they need to cordon off is wrapped in the yellow tape that was surrounding the entire lot. So, I called the dentist with the cab driver’s cell phone and they just came out to get me. The only problem was we couldn’t leave at that point but as I was going in for a root canal, I was ready to spend some time sucking nitrous so I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When I went into the office, I met a lady who couldn’t leave because her car was actually IN the parking lot. At that point no one was going anywhere and that lady was just happy to finally get in touch with her husband who was playing golf. She didn’t want him to see the news and worry about her. (No one was worried about me…no one knew I was there.) Eventually the lovely receptionist at the dental office took the woman home as her car wasn’t parked in front.

I had to travel that far to find a dentist because I had no cash, just my alimony check which I was supposed to send to the landlord. (That’s another story.) I had to stop to cash it so that I could pay the cab to take me to the dentist who agreed to perform the work in exchange for my beloved Beatle collection.

Before I left the house, I found a notice on my back door stating that my dog had bitten someone, it didn’t say who, and that he needed to be quarantined for 10 days. They will come and get him but I can’t get him back until I pay for the boarding costs and the vaccinations that they would need to give him to be sure he’s up to date. I know he is because I actually gave him the shots myself. The breeder gave me everything that I would need so I did it myself. Now my dog may have to pay for my mistake.

Since I won’t give up my dog, I’m probably going to encounter some relatively minor problems in the very near future. At least I’m not lying in a parking lot with a white sheet over me.

If you were reading this blog last spring, you might remember that I came upon a motorcyle fatality while my father and I were leaving Tampa. In case things DO come in 3’s, stay away for the time being.

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