Posted by: anniewilson | August 27, 2009

I have the POWER!!!

Yesterday afternoon, my phone rang as I was waiting for my armpit hair to grow back. THAT is not as taxing as you might think. So…I didn’t mind answering my phone even though it’s tethered to a wall and using it pretty much tethers ME to the wall as well. I knew immediately that it was a computer and ordinarily I would hang up the phone before that computer skank begins to speak. But…for some reason, this time my “hang up reflex” was a tad slow. I was en route to hanging up the phone successfully when I switched tact’s in mid action. It was actually pretty cool, I can imagine Tom Cruise doing it in a Mission Impossible movie.

Unfortunately, and to the dismay of my father, my mouth can override my brain and say stupid stuff. Luckily for me, I think really, really quickly so in a nanosecond, I recognized the word Rasmussen, remembered that they were a “respectable” polling organization and delighted in finally having a say in a say in the hallowed polls which control our White House and national decision making. Then it occurred to me that polls can be more definitive than are our elections. An election can put a man IN the Oval Office but it takes a poll to control his political movements. The pollsters sit behind a curtain and pull the strings that they want to pull. They can manipulate the very questions they ask, would it be prudent to assume that they would NOT stop that strategy when it comes to other aspects of their operation?

My brain went that far before I actually decided to put the phone up to my ear and listen to the first question. Then, I answered all of the questions that were asked of me and…naturally…like most people…I had few if any Slightly Agree’s or Disagrees, my opinions were all rather strong and my answer reflected that fact. But, halfway through the 5 minute poll, I realized that I was getting angrier and angrier over the issues at hand. I doubt that THAT was very conducive to any degree of objectivity.

I can’t explain WHY I felt like I did and to be fair…it could be hormones. But…I tend to think that it has more to do with something subtly and schemingly shrewd in the poll itself or in the poll process. Whatever. It’s not my job to figure THAT out, I’m just here to tell you what happened. Oh, you should also keep in mind that I had just had a root canal yesterday morning.

So, when you get the next set of number from Rasmussen, I’m the Caucasian woman in the 50-59 year old category who considers herself, in the ONLY Slight leaning answer in the entire poll, Slightly Liberal. I’d tell you what questions they asked but women in the 50-59 year range have very bad short term memory.

I can remember painting a dog when I was 4 as though it happened yesterday. But I can’t remember telling my daughter a story that I actually DID tell her yesterday. She never fails to let me know that, “MOM! You’ve already TOLD me that story…a million times!” Damned if I can remember telling her once but I’m sure she’s right.

Then, the other day I went to Walgreen’s and I began chatting with the young lady at the register. It was one of those Twitversations…we had to have a decent verbal folly in the time it took me to pay for my coconut M&M’s…and within that Twitversation, I asked her if HER mother ever tells HER the same stories over and over again. She said that yes, her mother did that often.

Then she said something that I thought was incredibly sweet, “Yeah, but I don’t say anything, I just listen to her anyway.” Between THAT chick and the Rasmussen poll, I’m so annoyed that I want to smack my daughter. Unfortunately, she’s in LA so I can’t do it right now. But I owe her one the next time she says, “Mom, don’t you REMEMBER telling me your prom story this morning? I already know what happened with your date…Love Did NOT Keep You Together!!!”


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