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CONSTANT UPDATES: Suspect in Annie Le case…will not get away

Person “very close to Clark” is to be arrested soon. This person also worked in the lab. Not accused of murder yet, it is alledged that this person will be charged with conspiracy after the fact. There is other evidence that may lead police to tack on a murder charge as well.


He won’t be leaving this time, not even with a huge police presence following him. After DNA samples proved to be a “match” with evidence collected from the crime scene, an arrest warrant was issed at which time Clark and his attorney David Dworski came in to the New Haven Police Department to turn himself over to authorities.

TO MR. CLARK…today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Enjoy.

Jennifer Hromadka and Raymond Clark III

Jennifer Hromadka and Raymond Clark III

David Hromadka, brother of suspect's fiance Jennifer
David Hromadka, brother of suspect’s fiance Jennifer

murderer1manwhokilledle It’s being reported by sources close to the investigation that Clark is being held on a body warrant which gives police the right to take samples off of the body itself. Look for police to hold Clark for a lesser charge until the lab results from this search come back at which time you should see an arrest for murder. Police are also asking questions related to fiance Hromdaka. Look for more search warrants to be issued soon.

Le strangled to death, very personal MO for murderer, up close and in your face. Killed in one room, taken to the other room and stuffed down mechanical chase.  Blood droplets found in room near where body was found.

The man in this picture is Raymond Clark III and he is lawyered up and locked down in Connecticut. A NHPD officer states, “We have enough to ensure that this man never sees the light of day again.” NHPD may be denying his “arrest”, but as anyone in his neighborhood will tell you, he was led away by police yesterday and he couldn’t go to MacDonald’s if he wanted to…what do you call that?

He is engaged to marry Jennifer Hromadka and has been living with her for the past 6 months or so. On their MySpace page and WeddingSite, she has been deflecting rumors that the freaky dude had been cheating on her. Now she is in full denial mode and has not yet taken in the entire situation. She is still defending her man…as of her last post. Rumors that the couple were planning on leaving town have been circulating.


Police may deny it but they probably won’t be able to do that for much longer:


Police are sitting on this guy’s house:

Raymond Clark –

name: Raymond Clark
known_as: Raymond Clark III
title: Animal Techn Animal Resources Ctr
campus_location: 470 Congress Ste 110
office_phone: 785-2526
department: Animal Resources Ctr

physical_office_address: 333 Cedar St
: New Haven, CT 06510-3206

us_mail_address: Animal Control
: PO BOX 208003
: New Haven, CT 06520-8003


Rumored to have failed poly and possesses defensive wounds. Is also rumored to be on the lam from cops at this point. One of only a few people to have access to the basement in which Miss le’s body was found. Cops awaiting DNA results. The New Haven police are also trying to avoid comparisons to the unsolved 1998 murder of 21 year old Yale student Suzanne Jovin.

Police have called Clark a “person of interest” which is basically like saying, “We have enough to mess you up but not enough to arrest your ass…YET!”


UPDATE: Mr. Clark is not on the lam, he is in custody. After receiving preliminary lab results, police have “trust me…MORE than enough” to suspect and arrest Mr. Clark for murder in addition to other charges which should be announced shortly.
Clark and his fiance were reportedly about to leave town. Here is their wedding site:
The couple’s joint MySpace page has been deleted as of last night.
Here is the MySpace page for Jennifer Hromadka’s brother David:


  1. Glad they found him. RIP Annie Le.

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