Posted by: anniewilson | September 17, 2009

Hey…Bug Man

For DECADES, I’ve been held hostage by a socially insane little bug killer man who sits around his house with a wash cloth on his head to keep the hairs from falling out. The Iranians got nothin’ on this leech…he feeds on my emotional tears and he isn’t ready to die so he MUST continue to evoke those suckers.

That’s OK…like Rick, this shithead of massive proportions has done something that you should NEVER to do a perceived enemy, he left me with nothing to lose. As this blog nears it’s wooden anniversary, I can tell you that I’m nothing if not persisent, consistent and downright tenacious when I’m cornered.

Guess what?

I’m in a corner and I just figured out that I’m pretty much alone in it so what the hell? Thinking about having no one else to worry about other than myself, I suddenly feel a great deal freer.

To the Bug Man…Mark Colletti of Addison, Illinois, and his vermin queen…what’s her name…kiss my ass…and one more thing, I come out of corners swinging.

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