Posted by: anniewilson | October 6, 2009

The marijuana store and me

I have just made my very first LEGAL marijuana purchase. For those of you outside of California, I wanted to describe the process for purchasing marijuana legally.

First, you go to a doctor. I did it the old fashioned way, I went to a doctor’s office and told him about the multiple sclerosis. That’s one of the many, many illnesses that can be treated with marijuana. He recommended the marijuana himself, I didn’t even have to ask for it.

Some people get around a doctor’s appointment by going to a ‘Marijuana Party’. That’s sort of like a Tupperware Party only instead of giving away crazy shaped straws and plastic sandwich holders, you get THC filled lollipops and marijuana filled truffles. The party that I heard about cost $175 per person and of that, $125 went to the doctor who showed up and the other $50 was spent by the host on those THC filled lollipops and marijuana filled truffles.

I didn’t get to go to the party since I needed to go to a real doctor’s appointment. But, when I went to pick up my stash from the Weed Store, the weed dispenser dude gave me a box of marijuana truffles and and an extra gram and a half of my medicine. I only had enough cash to get one gram but when he started lifting the buds out of the jar that I had chosen, he “accidentally” gave me 2 and a half grams. I guess it was sort of a “new customer” gift.

The weed store itself looks like any other small storefront business and if you didn’t know it was there, you could easily walk right past the place without ever knowing you just passed a marijuana store. You don’t go to a regular pharmacy to get your marijuana because the “prescription” isn’t written out like this:

One joint every 8 hours as needed.

It’s actually a certificate from the doctor that says you are allowed into the weed dispensary. Once you get there, you can buy whatever you want in pretty good quantities, certainly more than I could smoke.

When you walk into the dispensary, there is a waiting room for those who do NOT have a certificate. There’s a TV and a couch and a dude at a desk. After you show your certificate and register to that specific weed shop, you are shown the “back room”. As you walk into the back room, the smell of ganja overtakes you before you get to the counter that contains 7 jars of various types of weed. The cookie jar sized receptacles were all over half filled with some seriously good smelling marijuana. At the other end of the counter was a box filled with THC filled delicacies like the truffles and lollipops. They also had marijuana butter in case you want to bake your own brownies.

In the middle of the counter was another jar full of very large pre-rolled joints for $15. Those doobies contained a mixture of all of the different types of weed they had, from the “body high” inducing Bang Bang Og to the “head high” inducing Sugar Kush. I didn’t have enough to buy one of those suckers but it’s certainly on my list of “Things To Buy When I Have A Bit Too Much Cash”.

I can’t speak for the entire state of California, but there are easily 10 weed stores within walking distance of my apartment that all seem to be doing a healthy business.Obviously, someone is making a LOT of money on the primo medicinal marijuana you can run out and buy as though it were a gallon of milk. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the state would be completely broke if it weren’t for all of the peaceful, easy feeling California folk.

This evening I saw my first television commercial for marijuana. It was actually for a doctor’s office who asks you to call him at 1-800-MMJ-DOC1 and get your very own Golden Ticket to High Street!

Doesn’t that make more sense than criminalizing behavior that is peacefully practiced in the privacy of one’s own home? Not only does the State benefit from the increased taxes, they save money that would have been spent jailing those who would rather roll a joint than pop open a six pack. And, if a person can buy pot legally, they won’t have to associate with drug dealers. That will limit exposure to “hard drugs” and the people who do them.

Well then, I think it’s time to take a bit of my Bang Bang Og and check out my new body high.


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