Posted by: anniewilson | October 15, 2009

Fox News…the liberals latest Common Enemy

I hear that the White House…

…is actually blaming Fox News for the ills of the country not caused by Bush. Apparently Fox News and the republicans are far too much of a force to reckon with for both the President and his congressional majorities. Do you think THAT is the message the White House is trying to send?

I doubt it. I think that, like my ex-husband and his insane 2nd wife who have been harassing me for over twenty years, the President feels he can only hold the Administration together by identifying a common enemy. Obama and his staff are pretty much of the school of politics that very few media types mention anymore, the politics of personal destruction. He just takes it a bit further and applies the destructive tactics to private companies, institutions and networks that don’t think a Nobel Peace Prize for a, so far, do nothing President is a no-brainer.

There was a time when the Nobel Prize was given for amazingly triumphant accomplishments. Alexander Flemming received the award…not for being a good guy and not for inspiring a love for microbiology in the young science community of his day. He received it by actually DOING something that had never been done before…he discovered penicillin. Can you imagine the lives saved by Flemming’s work? Everyone who’s life has ever been saved by an antibiotic can somehow trace their cure back to Flemming and his discoveries. Now THAT’S Nobel Prize material.

But I digress.

If you pay attention to any one person, an ex spouse, a bad cop or a President, sooner or later you begin to pick up on their personal behavior patterns. My ex used to be verbally abusive while I was crying…but as soon as I stopped crying and started getting angry…he would cave like the weak-spined bully that he was. Naturally, I just began to skip the crying part of the game and I went straight to being an acrimonious bitch. It saved a lot of time…and mascara.

I’ve been watching our President long enough to notice that whenever he meets resistance of any sort, whether it be in the form of poor poll numbers or thousands of protesting Americans, it seems as though he defaults to being nasty…just like I did. So, I can’t say it’s a bad thing, but I will say something that I wish the Obama Administration would learn to say, “It is what it is.”

I find that common sense usually will stifle any opposition I meet. If not, I agree to disagree and walk away. This is an example of the common sense of which I speak:

Q. Bill O’Reilly is a racist.

A. First of all, that’s a simple declaration, it needs to have facts to back it up. Saying that O’Reilly is racist doesn’t make him a racist anymore than crossing my arms and blinking delivers me a tall and handsome man. Secondly, if someone IS a racist…what do you care? This is a country that makes room for racism. If racists formed a union and suffered discrimination, the ACLU might even help them in a lawsuit against PUSH. They did it for Nazi’s because nazi-ism is allowed in this country. You don’t have to like it, you don’t even have to understand it. It just IS.

Your rights don’t begin until mine stop and if I were of the mind to be a racist, I have every right in the world to be one as long as I don’t tamper with YOUR rights. Therefore, the comment “Bill O’Reilly is a racist.” is not only a pointless, time wasting tactic, it’s also a sign of a person who can’t think up a serious argument for anything worthwhile.

America not only makes room for racists, it makes room for American citizens to form a network which they may use for practicing First Amendment rights. You don’t HAVE to like what they say. And of course, you have every right to start your own network.

If you wanted to fault someone, Obama COULD fault CNN for being so biased to the left that the right decided that they needed their own news network. But I sort of doubt that Obama, Clinton or Pelosi would say anything anti-CNN.

Now that the evil insurance companies have been demonized along with Fox News and the republican minority, I wonder who our next “common enemy” will be? The possibilities are endless. Here is a smattering of possible future Obama Demons:

1. The people who make Pringles
2. Richard Nixon
3. Starbucks
4. Nascar
5. First class airline passengers
6. Pharmacists
7. Limousine owners
8. Amtrak
9. Irish women who use less then a 30 SPF when tanning.
10. The wigs that Hasidic women wear after marriage.

If I wanted to, I could demonize anyone or anything on that list. I learned how in high school on the speech and debate team. I bet someone with more experience and education could be very successful demonizing anyone they felt the need to demonize. I absolutely CAN imagine our government creating an enemy out of anyone on that list. But, there are also people and organizations that would NEVER be demonized, no matter how bad they may get. Here are some of those entities:

1. NOW
2. Teachers
3. Nurses
4. Death row inmates as a whole
5. Local police departments
6. Florists
7. Obese people stuck in a bedroom
8. Nursing home residents
9. The turkey industry on Thanksgiving
10. Covens of witches

I think that list is pretty safe from hidden camera incidents and Presidential wrath.

Fox News is a perfect target, big enough that most people are aware of it and conservative enough to annoy liberals. Right now I feel the need to remind liberals that there is NO law criminalizing conservative thought.

If Obama wanted to set a precedent and stifle the free speech of the media, many liberals would applaud him. But, the precedent can easily fall back on liberals when a Republican majority pops up and stifles liberal thought. That’s what you call fair and balanced in it’s truest sense.


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