Posted by: anniewilson | October 16, 2009

Did you see my million bucks? It just slipped through my hands.

Two or three years ago, I flew to New York City to try out for the show, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. It turned out to be a bust but I did have some fun with it in this little story:

Well…guess what? I’ve just been shot down on the WEST COAST by ANOTHER game show that offers an opportunity to win one million bucks…Perfect 10. That’s a new game show on NBC that is currently auditioning contestants. My evening with the casting folks over there was a total waste of time…at least with Meredith Viera’s show, I left with a pen. I left with a pen this time too but it was just an old Bic that the chick didn’t want back after I filled out my application. It didn’t say NBC, Perfect 10 or Kiss My Ass. It’ll just serve to remind me of my second failure in my attempts to win a million bucks rather than trying to get it the usual way…with lottery tickets.

I showed up at NBC Studios in Burbank about 15 minutes late because I had to park in Oregon and walk to the studio…that took a while. But, as I suspected, there were still people standing in line so it was cool. Then we went into the studio (there were about a hundred of us) and sat down to listen to one of the casting folks talk a bit about the show itself and then he showed us the “trick” that we were supposed to perform.

It was a no-brainer trick, we had to take 36 red plastic cups and stack them into a pyramid starting by lining up 8 in a row, then 7 went on top of them, then 6 and so on. I made my pyramid, that was easy enough. But after we made it, we had to bring it down in a tricky manner. I got halfway through that part when my pyramid, and my hopes for a million bucks, came crashing down. At that point I didn’t realize that no one would get on the show without performing the pyramid trick perfectly. We were under the impression that we were practicing. Oh well…live and learn.

Of course, I did get to see Jay Leno leaving for the day, my third celebrity sighting. Maybe it was my second, one guy from ER was shopping at Ralph’s but I’ve never seen that show so I didn’t know who he was. My daughter told me he was on ER…and then as we stood in line to pay, my kid yanked a wedgie out of her ass. Only then did she turn around and notice that the dude was behind her. They began chatting then and continued talking into the parking lot. I’d speak to these people if I knew who they were…but a star I’ve never seen or heard of isn’t really one that I’d want to speak to, after all, what would I say? I usually say something along the lines of, “I like your work.” What would I say to someone I didn’t know…”Who the hell are you?” I couldn’t speak to Leno because I was in a hurry to get to the audition and I was already running late so I just waved and ran down the street.

I hope to get stuck in an elevator with someone good at some point. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later. I’ve already been present for an armed robbery but I totally missed it. I was at the Rite-Aid on La Brea shopping with a gift card and I was in my usual shopping mode, even while I was in line. I was hoping that I had enough cash left on the card to be able to get a Mound’s Bar.

I was able to get the candy bar and that’s all I cared about. The manager came over to help me get my purchases outside. (I didn’t need help…he insisted.) As we were standing under the awning waiting for my daughter to bring the car around, the guy told me that he had just been robbed. I asked if it was while I was in the store. He said, “You were in line 6 feet away!” If I hadn’t been so overly concerned with that stupid Mound’s Bar, I might have actually gotten to see a stick-up.

I asked the guy if the cops were coming and he said no, that there wasn’t anything they could do and the guy “only” jacked him with a screwdriver.

I wish I had been paying attention to the felony occurring in the line next to me but like my wish to be stuck with a real big star, maybe I’ll be stuck in an elevator with a REAL bad guy some time…one with a gun instead of hand tools.

OK, I’m off for today’s escapades!



  1. yikes! crazy crazy crazy ; i can’t believe you attempted auditioning for who wants to be a millionare & the other show! i didn’t know people had to audition, then again, i never really though about it – thats pretty cool!

    i really liked this post ;p and about the robbery, well, i’m happy you were paying attention to the mounds bar, or at least if i were you i’d be happy, i’d be freeaaaking out if i knew someone was getting robbed in front of me and if i knew about it 😡

    have a good one; annakay!

  2. Many years ago my ex-husband and I tried to get on a show to win a dream house. It was a really difficult audition. They gave us a written test that was like PhD. level, IMO. Then they had everyone in the room shout out aswers to questions. People had obviously practiced and were compettive. No way could we compete. I’ve never tried to get on a show again. I think so many people audition, they can pretty much get exactly what they want. Every show is different, they want you to be smart, or if not smart, personable, or emotional, or good-looking..whatever. I think it’s a waste of time. Then again, job hunting’s pretty competitive too!

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