Posted by: anniewilson | October 17, 2009

Shooting pool on Hollywood Blvd.

How are you this fine morning? After a week of rain, the sun has finally found it’s way back to SoCal and if my daughter ever wakes up, I’m going to drag her butt to the beach again. I feel like having fun.

Last night I went out to shoot a few games of pool by myself. This isn’t Gogia so there aren’t any honky tonk type bars with a pool table and a juke box. Well, maybe there here somewhere, but I haven’t seen any. So, I finally figured out that if I wanted to shoot pool, I would have to go to a huge billiards place on Hollywood Blvd.

I had a few problems with that…first of all, no juke box. I can’t shoot pool without music. Also, they had the huge tables that I practice on before I play on the smaller bar tables. That makes me real good on a little table but I SUCK on a big one. (I suck on a big one…LMAO!) Besides that, there are too many people in a place that huge and I’m just not comfortable in that atmosphere. You rent the tables by the hour and it was only six bucks an hour so I just grabbed some balls and started to play with them.

Now, I broke my glasses so I COULD use that as an excuse for how badly I shot last night but I have a better one.

Before I finished my first game, I was approached by a producer’s assistant from some show called The Hills. It seems as though they were there taping an episode of a show I’ve never heard of. She needed me to sign a release so that they could use my face if they got me on camera. I didn’t really mind, after all, I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve had a camera on me.

There was one difference with these cameras. Usually, I know that I’m working on a movie or TV show so the cameras are expected. When you’re trying to perform thoughtful and delicate work on a pool table…unexpected cameras do NOT help your game. Especially if that camera is taping a TV show that millions of people will see.

Oh, it was awful. I was missing balls that were hanging on the holes, just waiting for a breeze to blow them in. And unfortunately…that’s the God’s honest truth. I needn’t exaggerate how badly I was playing last night…it just doesn’t get any worse. I’m ashamed to say, I played like…a girl. I haven’t played pool like a girl since the 70’s.

It was bad enough when the cameras were 50 feet away by the table at which they were taping. But then, the unthinkable happened…the dude with the camera came over to the table next to me and took close ups of the 2 guys playing over there and…ME!

Now, ordinarily, I send men away from a pool table with their heads lowered in shame and owing me a few beers. I can make shots so razzle dazzle that I have to point out exactly what I’m trying to do otherwise NO ONE would believe that I did it on purpose. I can bank a ball and make it hit another ball which will then sink. I’m so good that I’ve been called a “dike bitch” more than once by bitter rednecks who are used to women who are good with balls but can’t shoot pool worth a damn. When other bar patrons bet cash on me, they always win…if they let me in for a cut. When I was younger I would walk around pool tables twirling my stick like Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. A cockier young woman, you would not meet. I don’t do that crap anymore because at my age I just can’t pull it off like I did when I was in my 20’s.

But…all of the skill in the world won’t help someone with an unexpected camera man at the next table. That dude stood there for what seemed like a half hour. I couldn’t believe he couldn’t find someone better to film but then it occurred to me that perhaps he WANTED to shoot a middle aged woman missing the easiest shots possible on a pool table. Then I was OK with it, I obliged the entire time he was filming. Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better after he left but that’s OK, I think I’ll try one of the gay bars in the neighborhood and just keep my pool shooting self off of Hollywood Blvd.


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