Posted by: anniewilson | December 6, 2009

Where the hell did I put the weed?

You know…

…it’s hard enough to find your weed when you’ve hidden it in a “no legal weed” state. When you’re dealing with an illegal substance, you’ve got to keep up with matters…you need to hide that stuff and hide it well. And as any decent pot smoker will tell you, it’s hard to find stuff that you’ve hidden if you hid it AFTER smoking the wacky tobacky. Since the stuff is potential evidence for the prosecution, you really, really need to have a few good hiding places. So usually you can wander around the house and peek into the usual hiding places with some success.

But in a state with legal weed, you can just stick the stuff behind a jar of Folgers Crystals because you’re not hiding stuff from cops, you’re hiding it from cats and other creatures that might try to pilfer your stash.

The problem with that is you could stick the ganja ANYWHERE you happen to be standing when it occurs to you that smoking more weed in one night would just be a waste. So, you toss it on the high shelf, stick it behind the microwave or, as I did last night…behind the Folgers Crystals. There seems to be one rule when hiding legal weed…it has to be out of sight. That’s all. It doesn’t have to be hidden behind an electrical plate or something else that takes a bit of thought. But when you stick something out of sight while you’re high….it’s just that in the morning…out of sight. There are no usual hiding places…your entire haystack of a house can hide a little needle of weed quite well and that was my problem this morning.

Luckily I had left a bowlful of some good stuff in my bong so I had a while before panic would be setting in. Or so you would think.

There’s another problem here. As soon as I started partaking of my leftover bowl-O-weed, the absence of my fancy green prescription bottle and it’s Sour Diesel ingredients began to bug the hell out of me. I had to know where that bottle went. So I looked and I looked and I looked.

Eventually I gave up and started writing about losing the pot that I had last night. Then, I was writing a line about hiding the ganja and I looked up at the kitchen counter to get an idea of a place to hide the weed. I saw the jar of Folgers and decided to use “behind a jar of Folgers Crystals” as a literary hiding place. But, as I glanced again at the Folgers, I saw a greenish hue coming from behind.

“YES!”, I said to myself. I remembered! That WAS where I had hidden the stuff last night. So, an unexpected benefit of writing this post was that I found the weed I was writing about losing.

For a minute I thought that I should just scrap the post but remember, I had smoked the leftover weed so I was only too happy to continue to write about losing it, even after my search was over.

Now I have nothing more to say.

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