Posted by: anniewilson | January 4, 2010

The stupid questions we ask men and the dumb answers they give us

I think that women would be wise to stop asking pointless questions and, even more importantly, men would do well to stop answering them. Last night I asked Thor one of those silly questions and I got an answer that I never expected, wasn’t prepared for, nor did I take well.

For some strange reason that I cannot explain, I asked Thor what it was that attracted him to me. I wanted to know why he went out of his way to introduce himself to me and ask me out. I was especially curious considering the fact that the night we met, I puked on two different men. I didn’t puke on Thor, but I have a feeling that he still would have asked me out had I done so. I just had to know, what was it about me that drew him to me out of all the other women he could have chosen from? How could that question POSSIBLY evoke a negative response?

He answered, “I thought you were pretty.” I continued my cross examination, “The place was crawling with beautiful women…why did you pick me?”

I should have quit after the “I thought you were pretty.” comment.

But I didn’t. His retort was not a happy-making one. As calmly as he had just ordered a Grand Slam, he said, “Yeah, but they were all young. You were the only one who looked old enough for me.”

Thor is 55. He may be right, I may be the right age for him and naturally, because of our ages we have a lot in common. But he didn’t need to point out that I was the one he chose because I was the oldest chick in the establishment. I’m not sure who was dumber, me for asking such an open ended question or him for giving me such an honest answer. I may be a laid back, mellow and dulcet chick, but a chick nonetheless.

I didn’t let my perturbed feelings show…as an Irish woman, I don’t show my feelings, I tuck them away until I can use them in some vengeful manner. So, Thor didn’t know how I felt. Someday he might, if he stays around long enough to REALLY annoy me.

I’m rather disappointed in myself for asking such a ridiculous question but as annoying as my behavior was…I find Thor’s social faux pas much more problematic…for two reasons.

First, he was just plain stupid enough to answer that question without thinking of some way to dance around the truth without REALLY being dishonest. Secondly, he thinks I’m old. I can’t get past that. I can think I’m old all day long, and perhaps I am. But I don’t want anyone to TELL me that I’m old! My granddaughter did it once and I let that go because I adore that little girl. But some huge Norwegian dude with gray hair would do well not to accuse any woman of being close to his age…true though it may be.

Have we all learned something today?


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