Posted by: anniewilson | January 13, 2010

Bist du allein, von allen Freunden verlassen, Dann geh’ in die Stadt

A while ago…

…when I created a playlist, I added the song Downtown by Petula Clark. I don’t know why, but for some reason it turned out to be the German version of the tune. I found it rather amusing and wished that I could sing along but I could never find the German lyrics. I whined about that occasionally and recently I whined to someone who was as curious as I and he actually found the lyrics for me.

You would think that would be all I needed to learn to sing along with Petula in German but you’d be wrong. You see, much practice is required and I can’t seem to find enough “alone” time to do so. Every time I burst out into “Bist du allein, von allen Freunden verlassen, Dann geh’ in die Stadt,’ someone begs me not to sing that song again.

I’ve got most of the song down pretty well but the last verse is unusually difficult, even for a German person. It doesn’t help that someone shuts me up before I ever get to it.

So, I guess it’ll take some time but eventually I should be able to sing the entire song in German. I don’t know when that will come in handy, but something tells me it will and I want to be ready when it does.

I have other hidden talents that amaze and surprise, for example, I can scratch every inch of my own back myself due to a broken arm I suffered 20 years ago, I can move my eyes independently of each other and I can put my legs behind my neck. I don’t try the last two very often out of fear of some hideous injury that I would never be able to explain to anyone who didn’t laugh at me.

But, I do want to be able to perfect a German rendition of Downtown and now that it’s after noon, my daughter can’t bitch if I wake her up.

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