Posted by: anniewilson | February 10, 2010

A message to my ex husband

Rick, you ignorant slut…

…I was hoping that the divorce would clue you in but obviously I was wrong. I guess I need to delve a bit more deeply into what a divorce means to a couple who have no children together.

I suppose it means whatever a couple wants it to mean. If that’s so, you and I decided that our divorce would be a total divorce and that’s why we had the restraining order made permanent. We both signed the papers and I have left you alone. I don’t call you, I don’t call your kids and I don’t call anyone else in your family. I don’t even search them out online.

You, on the other hand, refuse to leave me alone and if for one minute you think that contacting my children is not, in essence, contacting ME…you should be here for the fallout. In NO way would I have expected you to disrespect my divorce. I don’t know why I thought that, probably for the same reason that I expected you to be faithful to my marriage. I know, I know, I shouldn’t expect honor from such a dishonorable Scaramouch but still, you shocked the hell out of me when you tried to get information from my kids.

Leave me alone, obviously I cannot see you for the true shit you are…I constantly underestimate the depth of your deviant tendencies and I admit that. I thought that a divorce would remedy that problem but obviously, you can’t quite help yourself so when it comes to me, PLEASE…just say NO.

When you sided with my ex husband against me, I should have realized that you were as misogynistic as my ex, my father and those allied with that ilk. But, as usual, I talked myself into believing that you were different. I now know that you are not any different from any of the other yahoos in my life who think that they can possibly know me at all. You don’t know me, Mark doesn’t know me and even my own father doesn’t know me. The three of you SHOULD know me, but none of you do.

My father actually believes that I stole a car from him. I can let that go because he’s close to a thousand years old. Mark doesn’t know me and I’ve made my peace with that. I assumed that there were enough people who did know me well enough to counteract the bullshit that he tells them. Luckily, there are many people in his family who see him for what he is but unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to everyone he knows so I do my best to stay away from people who are stupid enough to believe him.

None of you cowardly nit wits would do this to another man. My idiot ex will believe any man who tells him that I do drugs, even if the person making the claim is a well-known druggie. I don’t understand the illogical nature of that behavior, but I do understand the Serenity Prayer so I’m OK with it all.

I need to take my dog out…he shouldn’t suffer because you’re a dick.


OK, I’m back.

While I was walking the dog, I tried to think of a way to get my point across but no matter how well I might be able to put my thoughts into words, I still have a hard time explaining the blatantly obvious. That makes this a bit difficult but I’m going to try to do my best.

I know I said that I would tell the world about your children if you kept on disregarding my wishes. But, when it comes right down to it, I can’t do that. My bad…I have a sense of decency that won’t allow me to do that, even when it comes to your children. But I thought you would have enough concern for your kids that you would leave MINE alone once I made the threat. It NEVER occurred to me that I would have to act on the threat, I sincerely thought that your paternal instincts would tell you to do the right thing.

I was wrong. So, I’m not here to hurt your children. I wish I were able to do that…but I can’t. Nevertheless, since you care so little about MY kids, I will do my best to offend something that you might care about…your job. I don’t know how you passed a drug test for any workplace, but it would appear to me that All Electronics of Kalispell, Montana doesn’t care about maintaining a drug-free workplace. Of course, it’s always possible that you supply the drugs to the entire company in which case you wouldn’t be expected to be working unaffected by drugs. I wouldn’t want you working on MY electronic equipment…but that’s just me. I suppose the people in Kalispell might not care WHO works on their stuff.

Some people would see a drug addict and understand the unethical nature of the character involved. For others, it would take a liar to offend sensibilities. Personally, I understand the offensive nature of a liar. I would rather come across a thief because you can call the cops and put one of them in jail. On the other hand, there’s very little that can be done with a liar. You, better than anyone, know the pathological nature of your tendency to lie. According to you, you are the ONLY person in your ENTIRE family who isn’t procreating. Have any one of the females in your family EVER made it to age 19 without becoming pregnant? Have any of the males ever made it to 19 without impregnating someone?

Having children out of wedlock doesn’t necessarily imply a person of poor character. But, when doing so is a family tradition and that family doesn’t have a single member with a lick of decency, someone should point out the devastating effect that those such as you and yours can have on a society. If we ALL chose to satiate desires of the flesh without giving any thought to the potential consequences, we would be very little than bunny rabbits. Just because someone is able to reproduce, it doesn’t mean that they should. Not every erection needs to be stuck into the nearest female. You may be unaware of this but there are men and women who have children because they are ready to afford one and at a place in life where they have the ability to nurture and teach a child. It’s a concept that many other people ARE aware of and I thought I’d mention it to you. You might want to write that down and send it out at the holidays, your family is one that would do well to ponder the idea.

If, on the other hand, there isn’t ONE person in your family who has any desire to make a better life for their kids, they might do well to explain the benefits of purposeful procreation to their own kids so that the next generation of you people will not be so hideously addicted to immediate gratification.

But, knowing you, that won’t happen. It’s far too embedded in your lifestyle and psyche to change now. Pity.

But, you aren’t here to hear what I think about your family’s lack of honor. You’re here to tackle the issue and meaning of the word DIVORCE. A divorce is what happens when two people, for whatever reason, decide NOT to spend their lives together. It’s sort of the opposite of marriage. When you and I married, we vowed to blend two families and become one family until one of us died. Unfortunately, you didn’t die. You simply broke every vow you made. As a result, I divorced you. Apparently divorce is a bit trickier than marriage because in a divorce, the rules are spelled out rather specifically. I guess people assume that a marriage is an easy idea because in the wedding vows people generally agree to keep themselves only for each other.

I know you didn’t grasp that because you continued to screw other women long after I specifically requested that you refrain from doing so. I guess you had no reason not to…respect, honesty and strength of character eluded you and without any other reason not to, fuck others you did. Like a dog in heat, you did and will continue to screw whatever spreads it’s legs for you. That’s no longer my problem. But, the divorce terms ARE a problem for me.

I shouldn’t have to make a request every time you dishonor me or my divorce. But, like that request I made of you to stop screwing other women, I am more than willing to ask you to stay the hell out of my life. The families did not blend so they were dismissed to their own corners. That means that you must stay in your own corner. If you want me in your corner, ask me and I’ll consider it. But I’m perfectly happy in my own corner and I’d like to stay here. I’d also like to furnish my corner with people whom I can trust. You are not such a person.

The problem with you darkening my corner is that there ARE honorable people here. Your presence makes them uncomfortable because they know what hideous harm you did to my entire life and they don’t think much of you. Neither them nor I deserve to be reminded of your existence. There are also a few people over here who know nothing of what you did to me and when you pop up and I find out about it, I have to explain why I find you so unpleasant. I hate going over that again and again. I shouldn’t have to, once again, because we are DIVORCED. You are nothing to me except a bad memory and I’d like to keep it that way. I find that difficult to do when I have to explain to someone that you left me to screw someone in another state while I was in the hospital to have surgery, you brutalized me because I wanted the truth from you and you do not have the capacity to keep your twisted penis in your pants. You see, people who were not there to see your behavior that summer have no clue of what you are capable. The decent people in my life don’t need to hear about you and your despicable ilk.

How about this…I promise not to force decency upon you and your family and in return, I’d like for you to cease forcing your special brand of cowardice upon mine.

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