Posted by: anniewilson | March 7, 2010

I’ll be a bad day for James Cameron

Today I have sent…

…my own personal minion into the Academy Awards. I dispatched him with with an evil hex that will result in The Hurt Locker winning the Best Director’s Award. It’s a hex that I send from ex-wives everywhere and one that also possesses a benign yet malicious intent towards James Cameron and cheating husbands everywhere.

The men of Hollywood are excellent at one thing…creating ex-wives. In this town, ex-wives vote in the Academy. So, because of ex-wives and other victims of lying men…I predict a strong showing for The Hurt Locker. I also predict that Cameron is in possession of a well rehearsed, “should she win” face. I doubt he’ll pull it off…this is a man who saw a flashing light bulb designed to cut off the occasional drunk or blowhard and instead of graciously leaving the stage, he simply unscrewed the light bulb. Oh yeah, this could be good.

Too many people are aware of Cameron’s arrogance to allow him to walk away with the most coveted award. I sense enough bad karma related to his ego to assure that he bats zero today. But…just in case…I sent that hex which will be being delivered from the mezzanine just as the nominees are read. šŸ™‚

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