Posted by: anniewilson | March 17, 2010

Tim, the beef jerky guy

Hi y’all!

It’s finally warming up in Socal so I guess I’ll be bitching about the heat soon. I think this week is our spring so I’ll try to enjoy it as much as possible before the oppressive heat moves in for the foreseeable future.

I was hired to pen a blog about beef jerky and after some initial concerns about what I could possibly say about the cured meat of choice at 7-11, I decided that anyone with a mouth like mine can discuss anything…and beef jerky seemed innocuous enough. I doubt that I can get into too much trouble writing about beef jerky although if I REALLY REALLY wanted to, I could probably manage it. I just don’t want to because there are far too many things that I’d prefer to get all caustic about rather than beef jerky.

Yesterday I wrote my first beef jerky piece and if you’d like to read it, here it is:

I’d love to stay here and catch up but I really, really need to get tomorrow’s post done and I haven’t considered how to bring beef jerky into a blog chat. But worry not…I shall.



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