Posted by: anniewilson | February 19, 2009


And now I have to take care of some plumbing work. A friend of mine had an interesting question:

Has it been your experience that the decent guys *like* to be helpful as opposed to the not so decent ones being all “me-me-me”?

Cassee, it’s been my experience that all guys will fix shit if you don’t sleep with them. Once you do that, no guy is gonna work real hard for you. So, it’s not only nice guys that will fix stuff, all horny guys will do what they can to get into your pants.

Luckily, Craigslist dude seems to be a nice guy and he seems to really like me. He kept saying things like, “I feel like you’re way out of my class…I can’t believe you’re here with me!” Isn’t that sweet? I’m not sure how long a guy feels like that before he makes Andrew Dice Clay jokes about you…but for the time being, I’m just going to bask in his adoration. πŸ™‚

This is why I prefer to date older men. Younger men were raised by women who didn’t really teach them things that men are supposed to learn from their fathers. You know, the stuff like, “Don’t hit women!”, “Women are to be taken care of.” and “You must treat them right!” This is only a theory, but I am pretty smart so I think I’m right.

About 4 years ago, someone broke into my house in the middle of the night. I had a fishing date for the next day but when the guy got to my house to pick me up, he saw the broken door and refused to leave until he fixed the door and installed motion detector lights for me. I let him do that because he seemed so happy up on that ladder screwing in the new lights.

The difference is that some men must fix things for you when they see you in need of help and some of them don’t even consider fixing stuff, they just sit on your couch listening to the whine of a broken refrigerator. I have no use for them. If you aren’t man enough to see a problem and fix it, I am not woman enough to sit there and let you stay in my house.

If I mention broken stuff, I expect a guy to feel sorry for my coy little self and offer to fix it. It’s not as though I don’t show my appreciation…I do. And, I show it well.

I only have one problem when it comes to appearing helpless…I’m not. I have to put effort into appearing befuddled. I’m pretty bright and it’s tough to hide that for any length of time. If a guy starts to notice how smart I am, I have to find a way to remind him that although I have a Master’s Degree, I don’t know how to do anything that involves screwdrivers, motors that have ropes to pull or heavy lifting.

I have one sure way to make guys take over the car maintenance and it doesn’t involve doing anything dangerous to the car. I just let them see me pour oil in the dipstick hole. That works every time. Or, I just show them my tools. Well, actually I only have one tool…a butter knife. If I can’t fix a problem with that, it won’t get fixed.

Craigslist dude seems to be really smitten with me and that’s cool. He’s a nice guy and of course, he knows how to fix a lot of stuff. After we met last night, he kept telling me how “pretty” he thought that I was and he even said that he felt as though I was in a class above him. I don’t know why he thought that, there’s nothing wrong with him…I guess he’s just at that point where all he sees are my good points. I hope that lasts for a while because I really, really need some work done around here.

I think that I’ll invite him over for dinner this weekend and while he’s here, I’ll start to rake the yard. Craigslist dude is still at the point where he has me up on some pedestal so before he turns into his regular self, I have to take advantage of his cloudy head. God only knows how long this will last before he goes from wanting to do anything that I need to wanting me to do his laundry. I have to work fast.

As I said earlier, one very important thing to remember is to NOT sleep with him until he’s accomplished at least most of my list of broken stuff.

I don’t want people to think that I’m using men for handiwork. This one happens to be funny and smart as well. No one wants a stupid, boring guy fixing stuff around the house. I actually like this one and he could probably entertain me while he’s working. So far, so good.




  1. Some men don’t even know how to use power tools…wait..who am I kidding…they don’t even know how to use a hammer but they sure know how to find that football match on TV.

    One of my hobbies is fixing stuff, I did all the pluming in my house as a hobby. I fix stuff at my gf place because it’s fun. I have a lot of tools for everything, it’s just another hobby of mine.

  2. So…do you like lasagna?


  3. Oh ya! I like lasagna and pasta! My favorite food. Plus a glass of wine.

  4. Cool beans! If your GF gives you the boot, let me know, I’ll cook you one helluva dinner! All you have to do is fix/paint/rake something.!


  5. We are a simple breed. Personally I love to fix stuff always have. It is just a matter of motivation, sex or the promise of; is a tremendous motivator.

  6. Exactly! Thanks for confirming my point!


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